Fibaro FGBS001 binary - not receiving changes over zwave?

First time I’m working with the FGBS001 and probably doing something wrong - looking for a help.
I have FGBS001 IN1 hooked up to a PIR motion ssesnor. Can check that OUT1 reacts/changes according to input.
Have ZWave dev version from 20171024 as provided by Chris.
Added FGBS001 to Controller as Node21 through the HABmin, can see it correctly recognized. Created&linked items to the Binary1 and Alarm1.
Included both items in the HABPanel, but can not see any changes when activating the sensor.
Also nothing comes through the log - my expectation would be to see some message when sensor triggers.
Am I missing something in the config or my expectations about sensors behavior are wrong?
Linking full log w zwave DEBUG from moment of thing discovery zwave-node21.7z.

Thank You in advance!

Two things:

First, you have to set the association groups so each input is grouped with the controller. You should then see entries in the logs.

Second, unfortunately it still won’t work - see Fibaro universal binary sensor - very confused


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ha, this did the trick. getting the debug messages now. feeling better :smiley: Thanks!

fingers crossed and will be monitoring the other thread for an update.

Glad to help out. I thought my unit was broken and returned it- only realised the association group thing when the replacement behaved the same way.