Fibaro fgms-001 association groups

Hi all,

I’m just a begginer in home automation so this may be a stupid question/problem. I’m using fibaro motion sensor and zipato Micro Module Switch Double. i have both devices configured and no problems with their operation. but since both are z-wave devices I want them to talk to eachother in such a way thet when motion sensor detects movement sends command to the switch to turn on, and when motion is not detected for some period of time sends command to turn off the switch. so i configured motion sensor to include switch into association group (i believe this is the proper way to do this kind of connection). and actualy it works but not entirely, the motion sensor can switch on/off the switch but after switching it off it suddenly reports that motion was detected (and turns on the switch again). the switch is controling lights so i thought that lights going off triggers the motion sensor, but if i manualy switch lights off before motion sensor sends command to switch lights off the bahaviour is the same … so it appears to me that only changing the association group in motion sensor changes it’s behaviour … Can anyone point me what i’m doing wrong or what can i do to debug this problem ?

The best way to do this is through a Rule, not Association groups. You will have a lot more control over the behavior and you will be able to include non-zwave devices into such behaviors in the future as you expand.

well, i know i can do this with a rule, but 1. i want to know what is wrong with my sensor, 2. i believe that z-wave association groups approach is less error prone and works without main controller.