Fibaro FGR222 Roller Shutter 2 in Venetian Blind mode - use of manual switch no updates sent to OH2.4

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(Christian Berndt) #1

Opening a dedicated topic for an issue, which I am chasing since quite a while.

I am not getting any updates to OH (now uplifted to OH2.4 release build) when using the manual switches connected to my Fibaro FGR222 Roller Shutter 2 in Venetian Blind mode.
To be precise the position of the blinds is not updated both Lamella_Position and Shutter_Position are not updated in OH2.4 when raising, lowering or changing the tilt of the venetian blinds.

As stated in previous posts I do suspect the Manufacturer Proprietary messages, which is not (properly) decoded by OH2.4 to hold the missing information.

node13_manual.log (11.3 KB)

For reference the previous posts on this topic:

(Christian Berndt) #2

@chris: Are you able to take a look?
@sihui: FYI
@steinerl: FYI

(HomeAutomation) #3

Can you please change to normal mode and see what is happen? I do not use lamella mode can only speak for normal mode and here all is working well.

(Christian Berndt) #4

Normal mode is working just fine - see - no need to validate in my set-up (again).

The reason for raising this ticket is that in the mode I do require to fully control my venetian blinds the use of the manual switches is not reported back to OH.
According to previous posts (linked above) the functionality was there in OH1.8.3 before, but ever since moving to OH2.x the functionality is missing.
Since I started with OH2.2 I am not able to confirm that in my set-up.

(SiHui) #5

When I remember correctly @mstormi is using venetian blind mode …

(Markus Storm) #6

yes but I have no switches so cannot comment here

(AdamS) #7

@Chri46 I have the same observation with OH 2.4. I’ve tried number of configurations mentioned in above posts without success. I have 20 of FGR-222 used in Venetial blinds mode, and I’ve deliberately purchased FGR-222 instead of FGR-223 which is not working at all with OH. I’m happy to help debugging this is there is any idea how to move this forward.

(Christian Berndt) #8

@AdamS - to be honest I gave up on that long ago. I did provide multiple logs already and the only way to fix that is to update the zwave device definition in zwave binding.
If someone (@sihui or @chris) is either able to reverse engineer the Manufacturer Proprietary messages or get hold of the manufacturers definition, there is a chance to have that issue fixed.
Without that this functionality will never be implemented in OH.