Fibaro FGS223 Double Switch 2 no Feedback of State (since Z-Wave Snapshot 2.3.0)

Because another Problem, i have update z-wave binding to snapshot 2.3.0.

Since them is see no Feedback of State of Fibaro FGS223 Double Switch 2.
The rules with query of states doesn’t work now.

Is this a known problem? What can i do to solve this problem?

Thanks for your help

Please can you say what you were using previously? Was it 2.2 stable, 2.1, 2.2 Snapshot?

2.2 Snapshot

I don’t think there should have been any changes in the code, although I don’t know how old the version was there haven’t really been many code changes in 2.2.

For diagnosis i have load the snapshot 2.2.0 again. Result … it doesn’t work too.
What can that be, that i suddenly receive no feedback from fibaro relais?
I have install new z-wave devices (Hank RGB Bulb and Neo Coolcam Switch), but can this influence the fibaro relais?

Have you an idea, how i can solve this issue?

Thanks to all.

Is/are the association(s) enabled?

You could try the development version as this has support for newer devices with the new MC association concept - however if this used to work, then it really still should work ok as 2.2 and 2.3 don’t have these changes and 2.2 really had very little addition from 2.1.

Development version is here -:

The plan is to merge this to the snapshot in a few weeks.

Make sure you are using switch_binary1 and switch_binary2 channels. Don’t use the switch_binary channel (common mistake with the FGS223 :sunglasses: )

If that’s the case, we should remove them from the database :wink:

I always thought there could be some “hidden secret” with the switch_binary channel which I haven’t catched yet :grinning:

I can definetly confirm that the FGS223 works without any problems (when using the correct channels) with the snapshot zwave binding and the dev/security zwave binding. I’m using two of them since one year now …

Edit: we had several posts in the last couple of months where the problem was caused by using the wrong channels …

Okay, you already did :rofl:

I have found the problem … it was in “association groups”. In hamin in association groups -> 1 Lifeline was always displayed “openHAB controller”, i think that is correct.
But apparently in the background the assignment “openHAB controller” has been lost.

The problem could be solved as follows

  • since “openHAB controller” was already assigned, it could not be saved again
  • i have select “node 2” and save this assigment
  • then i have select “openHAB controller” again and save this assigment

-> now the feedback of the state of fibaro relais works again
-> i don’t no why :confused: the displaying configuration is the same

I have no idea what can lead to such a situation.
Does any of you have an idea how it can come to such a problem that the displayed parameters does not correspond to the actual configuration?

hey kellermeister,

I think I have a similar/same problem like you ( Problems with states/events ). but I didnt understand your “3 point solution” … :confused: could you explain it a bit more detailed? thx in advance

BR Marcel