Fibaro FGS223 parameters


I have a Fibaro FGS223. Parameter 28 & 29 is used to set which actions result in sending scenes.
example 2 = key pressed 2 times, 4 = key pressed 3 times.
This parameter should be a multisilect list, 6 = key pressed 2 times & key pressed 3 times.

I use openhabian2 and with habmin or paperUI this parameter is a single list item.

For openhabian I did found the wrong entry in this file :

But I don’t find where to correct this parameter for openhabian2.


Are you using an older zwave binding?
This problem was solved a couple of weeks ago:

Look at

and the answer right next to it.

Thanks, my binding was the latest snapshot. It was not clear that I could enter any value and I didn’t have to select a value from the drop downlist.