Fibaro RGBW Controller, really independent inputs and outputs possible?

Hi all,

the manual of my new Fibaro FGRGBWM-441 v2.5 says in section VII:

Fibaro RGBW Controller’s operating modes are:

  1. RGB/RGBW - controlling RGBW/RGB/LED strips
  2. IN/OUT - all inputs and outputs may be freely configured by the user.

The manual also say:

Operating mode is set during first configuration in Home Center 2 interface.
Other main controllers require dedicated setting of parameter 14.

I use RPi3/raZberry, OH2 and HABmin and I would like to choose option 2 "IN/OUT"
and therefore I need to change parameter 14.

The default setting is 4369.
As I suspect, because of vasco’s post, that seems to be a code which describes the desired configuration.

I couldn’t find any detailed description about the meaning of this code and how to establish it.
Can anybody help me finding more information, or can give me a hint about how to do this? @Vasco ?

Thanks in advance.

Yeah that’s a bit fiddly. I thought Fibaro had a maual for this but it seems it’s removed (or my memories tricked me).

Anyway: in your manual there is a table for each channel of parameter 14.
Which says e.g.

8 --> 1 0 0 0 --> (IN) --> ANALOG 0-10V (SENSOR)
9 --> 1 0 0 1 --> (OUT) --> MOMENTARY (NORMAL MODE)

Since you have 4 channels you just concatenate these individual channels

8888 --> all 4 channel are input
9999 --> all 4 channel are output
9989 --> channel R, G and W are outputs, while B is input

This number is in HEX code and need to be translated into integer.
You can do it manual or just use the benefit of Internet. I choose later one since I’m lazy to convert :slight_smile:
can do that very simple.

Giving above examples this gives you the decimal number you need to enter in Openhab as parameter:
8888 --> 34952 --> default setting (all output)
9999 --> 39321
9989 --> 39305

Habmin can not handle these numbers as they are out of the integer range. However you don’t need to worry. Habmin converts it to a format which works fine. The part which probably confuse you is that you will see a different number which is negative. This is normal and works fine.
I’m not that much of an IT guy but it has something todo with signed/unsigned Integer range or something. I need to do some studying if I need to explain that :wink:

I hope this makes sense and explains it better than the manual?

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@Vasco thank you very much. Now I know how to handle the parameter14-code.That clarified a lot and brought me a step forward.

But I’m not sure anymore, if I can use the fibaro rgbw-controller as imagined.

That’s what I wanna do:

Because the fibaro-manual say

… in IN/OUT mode all inputs and outputs may be
configured independently

I thought, I could do the following:

  • With inputs I1, I2, I3 and I4 I want to display the state of different limit switches. (for example I1=on if position 1 is reached, I2=on if position 2 is reached, I3=on if position 3 is reached, I4=on if position 4 is reached)
  • With outputs R, G, B and W set to momentary switches, I want to control a motor-device. (for example R=move up, G=move down, B=stop)
  • The outputs shouldn’t be related to the inputs, so that they could act independently.

That’s what I already got working:

With parameter 14 set to 9999 (Outputs R, G, B and W set to be momentary-switches) I can trigger my motor-device and this is working fine. (Because I can link the existing channels to items, which show up in my interface.)

That’s what is not working:

  • Even with parameter 14 set to 9999, when input I1 changes to ON the output R changes to ON too. So R is linked to I1, but I need to have them independent.
  • If the first problem would be solved, next would be, the inputs do not have their own channels that I could link to items. Without items I cannot show state of I1, I2 … in my sitemap.

At the moment, I see no way how it could work.
Does anyone know, if really independent inputs and outputs are possible with fibaro rgbw-controller?

im sitting here on exact same problem :slight_smile:
did you find a solution for this ?

Not really, but I suppose that it is not possible to have 4 inputs and 4 outputs independend from each other with one fibaro rgbw-controller. I’ve made a request to fibaro that didn’t really clarify that.
But at least this device has 4 independend channels. So if you need more channels, you should use a additional device.

In manual there is a table which describes how the value of each single channel should be set on 4 bits. The parameter is on 2 bytes and the sum of them gives you the value of parameter.
Please keep in mind that our services contain a lot of useful knowledge about our system (,,,,

There is a tool for calculating the value of parameter 14 on this page:

Thank you. Didn’t knew that.

Hi all,

hopefully it’s okay to reply to this old thread!

I’m sorry, but I don’t get that all… I also want to use my FIBARO RGBW Controller in IN/OUT mode since several days now, but without any luck, because I don’t get any values of the input channels returned.

What I try to achieve is to measure the value on IN1 and IN2 to calculate soil moisture and ground temperature based on it. With input of 24V on the controller I just metered 4.4 volts on IN1 and 4.3 volts on IN2.

According to the manual and your explanations above, I understand that channel 1 and 2 have to be set to „IN - ANALOG 0-10V (SENSOR)“ and channel 3 and 4 to “OUT - Momentary (NORMAL MODE)”. Is that correct?

If yes, parameter 14 should be set to 34969 in Paper UI. Correct?

If yes, where is the voltage on IN1 and IN2? Is it returned in R and G? Or in B and W?

With parameter 14 set to 34969 R, G, B and W are all NULL.

As you see. I don’t understand it right now. What am I doing wrong?

Could you please help me with that!

Many thanks in advance.

Sorry, I also didn’t get it to work.
Nevertheless I try to help a little.

I think this is ok.

Not shure, but I don’t think you get it on 3 and 4. I would expect it on R and G.

34969 is the right result. But as I wrote above, I’m not shure about settings.

This is from fibaro manual:
R – output assigned to IN1
G – output assigned to IN2
B – output assigned to IN3
W – output assigned to IN4

Good luck.

Tanks for your quick response. I think I will contact FIBARO for clarification now and inform you about the result here.


as the last post was made over a year: I’m wondering if you guys managed to get the devices to work with openhab.

I’m looking forward to use the controller for my hörman supramatic 3 with uap1.

If not did you find an alternative with at least to input and 2 output channels?

Like: open / close door


is door open/closed