Fibaro Roller Shutter FGRM-222 with Venetian Blinds - Lamellas Position

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

When will those changes be merged to main branch and available with official (and stable) openhab release?

I’m not sure when the next release is planned - I would guess it’s toward the end of the year, or early next year.

So we are looking at minimum Openhab 2.2
Does the snapshot release available now include the lamella support?
I might consider testing…
(and let´s hope that openhab 2.2 also has proper homekit support for blinds)

Yes - wasn’t that effectively your question? When is 2.2 going to be available? Or maybe I’ve misunderstood?

No - it’s in the development version only.

… was hoping for a bug-fix release in 2.1, which as lamella support…

any plans to merge the development release with snapshot release for 2.2?


I would like to get clarification on the inclusion of the development binding enabling lamella support to the 2.2 snapshot release of zwave binding, before moving to OH2.2 snapshots.
Also would the 2.1 dev binding work with OH2.2 snapshots.

Are there plans to support proprietary messages for FGRM-222 in OH2.2 binding?

At the moment I’ve not merged this while I look at some other changes. The reason is it’s a breaking change and I’d like to avoid multiple sets of breaking changes to avoid upsetting everyone…

Alright - seems like I am stuck with OH2.1, since you did not answer the question if the 2.1 dev build would work with OH2.2(snaphot).
Which is far from ideal, due to stability issues in OH2.1 and lack of homekit support for new accessories.
I guess I need to search for alternatives to OpenHab to handle my requirements :persevere::thinking:

I have used this combination for a couple of months without any problems.
As an alternative you may use the 2.2 dev zwave binding with 2.2 snapshot runtime:

Sorry - I missed this, but yes, it will work with the current runtime. 2.1 and 2.2 are just the name really, and the latest dev binding is also named 2.2.


my OH is currently on 2.2 snapshot with the 2.2 snapshot zwave binding.
I can control shutter and lamella position via the OH interface, but if I change the position of my blinds via the hardware switches, OH doesn’t get back any status updates of the current position.

Should this work in the current 2.2 binding?

The FGRM222 are configured to “Venetian Blind Mode” and “Blind position via Fibar Command”.


+1 for current position/tilt angle reflected in OH

Manual changes are not reflected in OH2.1 and to my understanding the OH2.2 dev binding is (very) similar to OH2.1 dev binding for the venetian blind support.

My guess is that the currently unsupported proprietary messages are used for feedback of tilt angle (among other things).

@steinerl are you seeing that as well:

No - it’s quite different. The dev version implements the Fibaro specific command class for lamella control. I’m not sure if it handles any status messages.

Again, this is supported in the dev binding.

hey all,

i also have the problem, that i cannot see the channels "lamella position"
i’m running OH 2.2 with Z-Wave Binding 2.20 snapshot.

do i have to update something or did i miss configure something?
thanks for the help

That function is supported in the development branch, not the snapshot:

thanks a lot, i could manage it and it works! thanks for that
another quesiton, does anyone have an example how to use this channel now? i would like to make a rule that the lamella position will be 50% after receiving being on the bottom

Just define it to be a dimmer.

thanks for the great idea :slight_smile:

but when i do it, nothing happen. do i have to chane my settings ?

Dimmer LivingRoom_RollerShutter_Left_Switch “Wohnzimmer Raffstore Links” (gEG) {

blinds_lamella (not switch_lamella)