Fibaro Smart Implant temperature sensors

I bought a Fibaro Smart Implant and some DS18B20 temperature sensors. I want to measure the temperature of our swimming pool and display it in the sitemap. The Smart Implant is connected to the openhab zwave controller, but I can’t see any channels or can display the temperature. Does anybody know, how I can do that? Do I have to write a script or something like that? I have already created an Item of type number but I don’t know the channel for getting the value…

You need to be way more specific if you want help.
Many of the points in this post apply:

Probably relevant

Did you first include the Smart Implant and had the DS18B20s added later? The DS18B20 have to be connected to the Smart Implant on first inclusion to be detected.

Yes, I added them before I connected it to the controller. There is also Message in openhab “Unknown device”, so probably openhab doesn’t recognize the Smart Implant.

Still seems relevant