Fibaro swipe support in the future?

Have any of you any idea if there is a chance Fibaro Swipe will be supported by OpenHAB?
My guess was that if it can talk Z-wave, it must be possible. Or am i wrong in that assumption?


If it requires the use of the Security Command Class like most zwave deadbolts do then your guess is not correct. There is a lot of work going on to get support for it but it is slow going and there is no estimate on when it will be fully implemented and reliable.

Similarly, if it supports some other command class that is not implemented in the zwave binding, or if it acts as a zwave controller instead of a device then again support would not be there.

However, if it has a REST, TCP/UDP, or MQTT API or if it can make calls to a REST or MQTT API then having the Swipe issue commands to OH would be a sinch.

I think we will need to wait for the manual and additional documentation to be released before we can answer the question.

It is working quite well already and included in OH2…

I believe the SWIPE uses the scene activation command class which is also implemented in OH2.

I got my swipe yesterday. No chance to get it to work for now. Only getting NODE 62: Unknown command class 0x5b . Zwave is 1.9 on OH2b2. Both builds from sunday.
5b should be CENTRAL_SCENE ? Is this implemented?

Per Chris’s posting linked above, it works on OH 2, not OH 1.x. So you would need to use the Zwave 2.0 binding, not the 1.9 binding.

I do already use OH2, but the version of OH is not relevant here. The zwave binding is 1.9.
IMHO Chris’ comment is related to security command class and not directly to SWIPE.
Swipe uses central scene command class (5b), which isn’t supported for now (I think) in 1.x or 2.0 version

Ah ok. Sorry for confusion… I went through source and found that central scene is implemented in zwave2 binding. I will give it a try asap.

Were you able to try this?

I’m looking at getting one of these if any one can get it to work.

It “should” work with oh2 with zwave2. I did not try it with zwave2 since zwave2 was to slow for me. After a few hours of running it does not respond to zwave events in time. So I’ve reverted to zwave 1.9. I am now using my second controller (zway) to send the commands from swipe via mqtt to my oh2 instance using the first controller.

OK thanks for the update, I’ll probably buy one when I can then and hope zwave2 is updated by then.

I assume you meant zwave2 is too slow in general and not just with the swipe?

And how is the swipe otherwise, does it work as well as the demo vid?

I had some problems with OH2 with zwave2 regarding stability and speed. This has nothing to do with swipe. I have a rather big zwave environment with two redundant controllers. Looks like zwave2 binding had some issues with amount of traffic in my network. After a few hours of operating in a normal way, it gets slower and slower to respond. E.g. motion sensor should switch on the light if it is dark enough: from nearly instant to 10secs delay.
So not to loose my waf (women acceptance factor) I reverted to zwave 1.9 which works really nice!

Swipe works very well! It is kind of tricky to perform the “rotate” gesture, but up,down,left and right work really smooth!
I do use it for controlling the rollershutter and lamellas in my living room. UP,DOWN = 7 rollershutters going up or down, LEFT,RIGHT = adjust lamella angle on patio door. Really cool stuff!

Ah I see, hopefully won’t be an issue for me then if it’s just the amount of zwave traffic as I’ll only have a small setup (at first anyway).

Can’t wait to play with this!

Hi I am trying to include the swipe in a OH2 environment but I can’t get it to work.
I am pretty sure it is a matter of the include procedure and not oh2 itself.
Was it easy for you? I am getting mad.
I shall hold the hand at the center and hear loud pitch according to the manual but whem I hold it… no way.

TX for your suggesiotns/help


Hi @Nicola_Reina, I’ve now managed to get this included in OH2 with the zwave 2 binding.

If you hold your hand in the middle of the device for about 3/4 seconds you’ll hear a ‘musical’ tone play. Keep holding your hand there and you’ll hear a further single beep, hold it a little longer and you’ll hear a double beep.

After this remove your hand and perform a swipe up gesture. You’ll hear a double beep to confirm you’ve put the device into inclusion mode.

At this point OH should detect the device and, as long as you’re using the latest zwave binding, it will allow you to configure it.

Hi @pa1, I’ve got mine set up in OH2 with the zwave2 binding and it’s working pretty well so far. The only issue I seem to have is with the device itself and not related to openhab.

Basically, my use case would be to fix the swipe underneath my coffee table and use gestures “invisibly” over the table. I find that as soon as I place the device near any kind of surface, it detects it as though it was my hand. This means it puts the device into menu mode after a few seconds.

I’ve found it even does this with the picture frame cover thing on. The only way I can get around this is to have it against the surface it will be near when it first powers on, then it doesn’t detect it.

This means that if I want to use it as a picture frame, even if only during testing, I can’t use the batteries as then it will turn on before I get the cover on and therefore it detects the cover as a hand.

Does your device behave similarly or I have maybe just got a faulty unit?

I may have spoken too soon! Looks like just leaving it to go through the menu cycle and timing itself out, it then works fine afterwards.

One more question: how does openhab work with the circle gestures?

The simple swipes are easy enough to set rules on based on the scene number changes, but how would this work with the continuous circle gestures?

Glad you figured it out… Just mount it to the flat surface, and it will work after first detection chaos.

Circle gestures are more complicated to use, as they will send a sequence of commands (currectScene and KeyAttribute). First command is for cirle left or right (currentScene), second command is for “still left” or “left released” (if you move your hand away).
So you need to create some smart rules for that.

In my case I use the circular gestures to control the angle of my venetian blinds in steps by 10.

Tx will be trying asap

How does the KeyAttribute work?

When I added the device I was only able to add two items, one for Battery Level and one for Scene Number.

Should there be a third command available to link an item to for the KeyAttribute?

Yep. There are three items for a swipe. battery, scene and key attrib. No idea if it works in oh2 with current zwave. As I mentioned earlier, swipe is bound to zway, which triggers oh2 via rest, since I was not able to get my swipe running with zwave2.0.