Fire a rule when i say something to alexa

There is a way to fire a rule when i say something to Alexa?
The easyest way that i found is:
Create a switch and export to alexa. when the switch is on fire the rule.
Then create a routine in alexa that turn on the switch whe i ask: “How many times the cat went to bathroom”
It works but is “complicated” i mean for just one thing i have a routine, a switch on alexa app, a switch on openhab and a rule.

If i want only Know the value of an item:
i added this to item definition
{alexa=“RangeValue” [capabilityNames=“Times”, nonControllable=true]}
i can interrogate alexa with something “Wich is the value of [item]” and i receive at answer… but in italian the answer is “not so nice to ear”.
So how you did implement similar procedures?
Thanks in advance.

Have a look to this thread

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Going the routine way is the only solution since Alexa smart home supported utterances are unfortunately not free form. You could try to use the Amazon Echo Control binding and use the textToSpeech channel to trigger the appropriate response.

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Yes in this way i can format the answer as i want…
But i have not idea how to detect with wich alexa i’m speaking in order to use text to speech with the correct alexa.