First try at a binding for Hive from British Gas

I’ve created a pull request for my first binding, Hive from British Gas. It currently only supports the thermostat and is read only except for the target temperature which can be set. Issue PR

Please let me know if i’ve done anything wrong in the way i’ve attempted to contribute and feel free to test the binding and let me know how you get on and what features you’d like to see implemented.

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Are there any jar files available to download?
I would be useful to publish the binding in the market place until it is merged with the main repo.

I’ve submitted it to the marketplace but it’s pending moderation. I don’t know if you can see it but the link is here:

HI CHRIS, I have tried to install it but it says I need eclipse, which I dont have, however the reason i probably dont have it is i haven’t got a clue what eclipse is. Steve

Hi Steve, it’s live on the eclipse marketplace now. Instructions for installing from there are here:

Hi again @vzorglub

Are you currently using a hive thermostat ? is it any good do you like it ?

do you have it controllable by openhab ?

i’m after the ability too turn heating on/off using openhab i made a post the other day maby you not seen it.

I have hue sensors in every room reporting temps too openhab i want some rules too decide if it should turn the heat ON/OFF i was thinking nest but Rich said its too feature rich for my needs im wondering if hive would be better?

No, I use a Nest, but because I have zoned the heating with controllable valves on the radiator, I now use it without schedule and without the “self learning” just as a trigger for the boiler.

On it’s own it works great with the self scheduling and learning how long the house takes to heat up and all.
It saved me 1/3 of gas the first year, Then I got into OH and I put individual valves on the radiators and saved even more.

that’s exactly what i was going buy the nest for disable all learning ,motion, as much as possible and only use it as a trigger for the boiler Rich says costs too much for my plans should look for different thermo

actually your heating setup is exactly what i’m planning to do (thermostat first radiator controls later)

its just nest costs £200 here in the UK and i have been quoted another £150 for install £350 is an expensive relay hive can be had for £220 with install

with my plans exactly the same as yours would you recomend hive instead of nest ?

Hive is £220 with installation and £148 without (it’s fairly easy to install). I only have the hive, no thermostatic controls at all. You could use my new binding to set the temperatures on the hive to turn the heating on and off and just set always on (manual) on the hive itself.

Hi @ChrisSFoot

Thanks for a reply

How are you finding the Hive ?

I want the hive too have as little control as possible and pretty much act as a relay for the boiler like you say i would set it too manual if possible and then only let openhab make changes too the heating

when house avg temp < 12c turn heating on too 20c when house temp >18c turn heating too 0c

i would add radiator controlls later there is drastic differences in the rooms in my house

I am actually planning to get rid of it and use a simple wifi relay to close the “call for heat” circuit on the boiler.
As I have sensors over the house, I don’t need the nest anymore really. And it would end up on Ebay.

I have this relay from electrodragon:

I have flashed my own firmware with small LED display.
Not quite ready to deploy yet…

i would use something like that myself as i’m in the same situation as you BUT i can only install using a professional my home is rented getting a proffesional too install a lesser known device may be hard i pretty much need too pick between the two major players Hive or Nest for the main boiler control

Alot cheaper than any thermostat i don’t think i could get someone too install one for me

My landlord wants professional install and my Girlfreind wants too keep the landlord happy so… :frowning:

Do it yourself. You just need to connect the two wires called “Call for heat” to one of the relays.
These two wires should be the ones connected to your current thermostat. In doubt read you boiler manual.

Then get a hive or a nest, makes no difference. The advantage for your landlord is that when you leave, the system will still be operational without OH. Just remember to factory reset the device when you leave.

The other problem with installing something like the relay in a rented house is that when you move out, the next people need to be able to control the heating without needing an openhab install.

From what you say you’re after

when house avg temp < 12c turn heating on too 20c when house temp >18c turn heating too 0c

Hive can do this already with no custom work at all. You just set an always on schedule and set the target temperature. That does rely on using the built in sensor though but if you want to use other sensors my binding will allow you to do what you’re after.

I really like my hive. I use the schedules on it but have the heating totally disabled on it whenever i’m too far from home via an ifttt recipe.

The advantage for him is he gets a £200+ thermostat for free. I would probably pull it out if i left and replace with the old thermo i dont have too keep him happy when leaving but living here now (permanent tenancy) i do

i have already been told quite a few solutions alot better than nest or hive and saving a ton of money i think this is just one of them things im going have too spend the money on sadly

Openhab can do it better :wink:

They don’t know what they missing :slight_smile: i could not go back too Dumb House

i have a permanent tenancy i’m not moving soon :slight_smile:

Ordered hive will try your binding when it arrives

Great, let me know if you see any issues and i’ll get on them straight away. If there are any features you think are missing then let me know that too. I’d like to add support for the smart plugs and lights that they do too at some point but I don’t own any at the moment.

Just tried to install from the marketplace, but just errors.
market:binding-4464823: Bundle cannot be installed: Error occurred installing a bundle.
OH version 2.4 (release).
Is there a Jar file available?