New binding for Centrica Hive / British Gas Hive with Multizone Heating and Radiator Valve support

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I recently started playing with openHAB and found that the current binding for Hive only supports a single thermostat.

In my home I have a more complex setup so I have created a new binding that supports:

  • Hot water control
  • Multizone heating (thermostat)
  • Smart radiator valves

Now I have got the hang of the Hive API it would probably not be too difficult to add smart plug / bulb support with help from someone who owns them (I only own the Hive heating products).

This is my first attempt at an openHAB binding and I have not extensively tested it so it may be a bit buggy.

Get the binding

Binding README

Releases (including jar)


N.B. Make sure you do not have Chris Foot’s binding installed as I also use the org.openhab.binding.hive package which will probably break things.

  1. Put the addon jar file in <openhab home>/addons
  2. Manually add a “Hive Account” thing in the Paper UI (use the username/password you would use in the mobile app)
  3. If everything has worked all the supported things should be auto-discovered and show up in the Paper UI Inbox after a few seconds.

Great job! Is this specifically for OH2.5+?

It is based on the 2.5.x branch of openhab/openhab-addons if that is what you mean.

Thanks Ross … that means I’m going to have to upgrade, which I’ve been putting off :slight_smile:

You might want to give it a test run on a separate copy of openHAB first if upgrading is a lot of effort. I’ve just been playing with it on my laptop so far, not using it day-to-day. I would hate for you to put a load of work into upgrading only to find my binding does not work correctly with your setup!

Hi Ross; I need to take the plunge anyway … your project has given me the kick that I needed :slight_smile:

Thanks for your work and I will get testing soon as I also have multi-zone Hive.

Just to let you know I’ve done a minor update.

If you have already started trying out my binding you probably want to upgrade before you do too much as this will break any existing channel→item links

Details are on the github releases page.

Please tell me what you think when you get around to trying the binding. I hope you find it useful :slight_smile:

I’ve posted another little update today (again see the github releases page for details).

For now the binding seems to be good enough for me.
Unless I notice problems with bugs / instability I’m probably not going to release any more changes until I get other people’s feedback about how it is working for them.

If other people do not have any significant issues running my binding here are some ways I may be able to improve the binding if people want it:

  • Fahrenheit support (at the moment I assume Celsius)
  • Socket, Bulb, Leak sensor etc. support (with a little help from someone who owns them)
  • Exposing more “features” of devices to openHAB e.g.:
    • frost protect
    • heat-on-demand
    • optimum start
    • zigbee info