Fritz!Box Parental Controls

My Fritz!Box 7560 modem/router has some nice features to filter and block the kids tablets and I’m trying to find out if there is a way to control this using the existing binding or some other method?

I’m wanting a way to have a button on my OpenHAB sitemap that will let me turn on/off internet access for a single device on the network. Think this might be possible or maybe there is another method people use to do this independently of the Fritz!Box… I’m even considering if maybe a PFSense or other router might be a better approach?

Your question got me thinking, so I went looking at my FritzBox.

I’m not sure what’s available in the FritzBox binding, so can’t help there.


Have you seen the new Tickets feature for granting 45 minutes of access (outside of permitted times)

I found them here…

FritzBox > Internet > Filters > Access Filters

At the bottom there is a table of access Ticket codes.

Which parent in the world doesn’t want a source of bargaining chips :smile:

Yeah, maybe I restrict access ALL the time and they just have to come to us for tokens… :wink:

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How would you system work?

1 token = 2 cups of excellently presented coffee, with biscuits?

2 tokens = a week of keeping their rooms spotless?

That will NEVER happen… Poor kids…

Can you tell I don’t have children :wink:

Our best trick so far is getting our friends children to eat a course of vegetables between multiple desert courses at a buffet.

Make some!! It’s easier than setting up openHAB!!!

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Easier or quicker?

Ha, you guys! That made me laugh!

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