FritzBox TR-064 Binding - Problem with latest firmware update and device online/offline state

Hi all,
I am running an Fritzbox 6490 Cable and the binding for device presence worked well for months.
Last week I updated to the latest firmware version 06.83 (06.63 before) and now there seems to be a problem that sometimes the WiFi devices (mobiles in particular) don’t log out off network.
Usually when I go out it takes about 3-5 minutes and then the Fritzbox marks my mobile as offline but this doesn’t happen anymore on the latest firmware. It keeps saying that my mobile is online on wifi.
Now my presence detection doesn’t work reliable anymore. I think this is a bug in the firmware and I would contact the vendor.

Does anybody experience the same issue?


Hi Ozzy,

I’ve got a FB 7430 running on 6.83 without problems. However, I’m only using it to check for known devices in the “GUEST WLAN”. I handle my “internal” mobiles through Network binding - which of course is not capable too “see” devices on the Guest WLAN.

Hi Oli,
thanks for your reply. I do some more testing atm, I disabled 5GHZ band and its working fine so far. Maybe there is a bug with this new band steering feature.

Does someone else have 06.83 running fine?


I am running a 7490 with 6.83 and am having the same problems - some device stay “present” forever.
I have another Fritzbox (7390) as repeater - don’t know if this is relevant.
I have opened a ticket with AVM and sent all support files, but they told me they do not know the problem and it MIGHT be solved in a future firmware…
I have started a discussion in the ip-phone forum and saw that others have similar problems.
So I can only encourage you to open a ticket with AVM support - this could help raising the priority.

Hi michel53,
thanks a lot for your reply. It is good that I am not the only one who experience this issue.
I replied to your Thread and will also contact AVM. When AVM replies I am going to report the result.


Hi together,
glad to find this thread to see that i am not the only one with these problems. Running a 7490 with 6.93 as main box and a old 7270 as wifi repeater in IP-Client mode.
7490 is set up as main box for the openhab binding for presence detection.
All iOS devices are reconnecting and switching between 2,4GHz an 5 GHz. Mac adresses are gone on the main box if the device is connected to the repeater box.
Now i try to run only on 2,4GHz, but this is no solution for me.
Anyone here running on the new labor firmware 6.98?