Frontail stopped working [Solved]

For some reason unknown to me, openHAB logs stopped being written to the Frontail Viewer at 02:30 this morning.

I tried the steps I found here OpenHAB LogViewer Stopped Working Today, but it still didn’t work.

The following did not solve the problem:

  1. restarting openHAB (ystemctl restart openhab)
  2. restarting Frontail (systemctl restart frontail)
  3. clearing the cache and restarting openHAB (systemctl stop openhab / sudo openhab-cli clean-cache / systemctl start openhab.
  4. reinstalling Frontail with openHABian (sudo openhabian-config, 21

But completely rebooting the Pi (sudo reboot) fixed it.

I’m running openHAB 3.1 release version on a Pi 4B running openHABian.openHABian Configuration Tool — [openHAB3]{2021-09-02T22:55:03+02:00}(3cdb213)

Just sharing what worked for me.

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