OpenHAB LogViewer Stopped Working Today

Just today, OpenHAB Logviewer stopped working. The error is …

Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at

This has worked since installation early last year. I did not change anything in the system setup or configuration. Only changed items, things, and rules during normal development work.

How should I proceed to troubleshoot / fix this problem. I am forced to open a terminal to access the logs.


For some reason Frontail stopped running. Try restarting it.

sudo systemctl restart frontail.service

If it didn’t come back online, check what the error was by running

sudo systemctl status frontail.service

NOTE: Frontail is not a part of openHAB. It’s a third party service that gets installed by openHABian.

If restarting the service does not work, another option is to try reinstalling frontail using openhabian-config menu option 21. There were several changes to the way frontail works recently so that could be the issue.

rlkoshak, ndye –

thanks guys. restart did the trick. i’ll add that to my troubleshooting notes. all good now.
solution marked as well.

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