Frontier Silicon Internet Radio Binding & Roku Soundbridge M1001 - Error:500 adding Thing

I am trying to control my Roku Soundbridge M1001 using the Frontier Silicon Internet Radio Binding. The device is discovered and shows up in the PAPER UI inbox as Roku SoundBridge M1001. Clicking on the blue check mark pulls up a dialog box titled, “Internet Radio”, which says, “You are about to add a new thing Roku SoundBridge M1001 (fsinternetradio:radio:) from the inbox.” Clicking on “ADD AS THING” opens a dialog at the lower right corner that says, “Error: 500 - Internal Server Error”. When I try to add the Thing, there are no entries generated in either openhab.log or event.log.

I have tried to add the SoundBridge manually by creating a file in the /things directory called soundbridge.things with the following content:

fsinternetradio:radio:radioInKitchen [ “” ]

Adding this entry results in the following in the event log:

fsinternetradio:radio:radioInKitchen’ changed from UNINITIALIZED to INITIALIZING
fsinternetradio:radio:radioInKitchen’ changed from INITIALIZING to OFFLINE (COMMUNCIATIONS_ERROR): communcations with radio failed, return code: 404

As you would expect, PAPER UI shows a Thing called Internet Radio that is OFFLINE with a COMMUNCATIONS_ERROR. Selecting “Internet Radio” reveals all of the Channels, as you would expect, such as Power, Mode, Volume, and so on.

The documentation for the binding is a little confusing. lists two internet radio bindings. One is called FS Internet Radio, and the other is called Frontier Silicon Radio. Only one binding, Frontier Silicon Radio, shows on my Binding tab in the PAPER UI. Additionally, the Roku SoundBridge M1001 is NOT shown as a compatible device on this page.

However, the page specifically lists my SoundBridge, and furthermore, the SoundBridge is called out in this community thread. Additionally, the SoundBridge has a menu entry for allowing network control, and Roku has published an API specification for the SoundBridge that can be downloaded here.

In both binding documents, there is a connectivity check; point a web browser at


Unfortunately, when I do this, I get the message,

The requested URL ‘/fsapi/CREATE_SESSION?pin=1234’ was not found on the RomPater server.

My guess is that this device actually does not implement the FS API. It is possible to Telnet to the device on ports 4444 and 5555, and nmap reports that ports 80, 4444, 5555, and 8080 are open. The Roku API documentation states that the SoundBridge shell is exposed on TCP port 4444, and that port 5555 exposes the Roku Control Protocol. There is no mention of Frontier Silicon in the API document. (Could be because this document only discusses the Roku Control Protocol?)

Googling ‘Roku SoundBridge Frontier Silicon’ returns nothing. My guess is that the FS API is not used in the SoundBridge, and that there is an error in the add-on documentation. But… maybe I am wrong?

Raspberry Pi B
Raspbian jessie
Openhab2 v2.4.0-1

Roku SoundBridge M1001 running SW version 3.0.44