Internet Radio - I need your help!

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(Patrick) #1

Have an internet radio? I need your help!

I am currently migrating the internet radio binding from openhab 1.x to Eclipse Smarthome (including openhab 2).
In order to properly implement the Discovery Service (the radio is automatically listed as a new thing e.g. in the Paper UI), I need some information from owners of internet radios:

  1. If your internet radio is connected to your network, it is most likely discoverable
  2. Please download UPnP Tester (Windows), and install it; didn’t try such a tool for Mac/Linux…
  3. Run it (may take a while) and check the resulting list for a device that looks like your internet radio
  4. Select it and click ‘Properties’, make a screenshot and post it here

This is mine:

Thank you :grinning:

Integration of Lidl SILVERCREST Multiroom: SMRB 40 A1, SMRS 35 A1, SMRS 30 A1 or SMRS 18 A1?
(gert_konemann) #2

My Internet Radio has the properties below:

(Rainer Ostendorf ) #3

This is my Hama IR110

(Patrick) #4

Thanks, I added your radios to the list of supported devices (untested of course, because I don’t own them).

The corresponding pull request:

(Torsten Olsson) #6

I have a Pinell Supersound II which I manage to connect after some research and it works as expected. However it uses a special port for the fsapi, 2244. I don’t know if that is the same port for all Pinell radios. I found it by using Wireshark to locate the SSDP Notify messages. The output from the UPnP tester is as follows (I use a more recent version than you)
Generated on: Thursday, February 11, 2016 10:57:58.

Devices and Services

±+ TTMicro AS Pinell Supersound (Device)
| Manufacturer: TTMicro AS
| ModelURL: “
| FriendlyName: Hemma
| PresentationUrl: “
| ManufacturerUrl: “
| UDN: uuid:3dcc7100-f76c-11dd-87af-002261015b9d
| DeviceType: urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:MediaRenderer:1
| SerialNumber: 0808120023341f270100120dffff8dff
| ModelNumber: Pinell Supersound
| ModelName: Pinell Supersound
| Description: Digital Radio
±+ AVTransport (Service)
±+ ConnectionManager (Service)
±+ RenderingControl (Service)

I hope your discovery service will find the radio but also the fsapi port.

(Patrick) #7

@TorstenO Thank you for the information!
I’ll add your model as soon as I find some time :slightly_smiling:

(Rune Kvam) #8

Here is Superconnect,

(Patrick) #9

In Progress:

(Garth Bushell) #10

Roberts Stream 93i Radio

(Ma Mo) #11

My Radio: Auna Connect 150

UDN uuid:3dcc7100-f76c-11dd-87af-00226124ca30
DeviceType urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:MediaRenderer:1
FriendlyName Connect 150 00226124ca30
Manufacturer AUNA
ModelDescription2.1CH Internet radio with FM/DAB/DAB+
ModelName Connect 150
ModelNumber 10028154 & 10028155
SerialNumber 0f060b1016251f2701013205ffff0aff

This information was collected under Ubuntu Linux with the tool gupnp (from package gupnp-tools) .
Maybe you could include this in your opening post for other linux users?

I translated the property names from my german locale to match the ones in your screenshots as best as I could.

(Garth Bushell) #12

I’ve added both of these now I have the time

Roberts Stream 93i

Auna Connect 150

(Patrick) #13

Great, thank you @garthy!

(Garth Bushell) #14

Is there a reason why we have to add the known items. Couldn’t we just support any fsradio but use these values as known​ to work?

(Patrick) #15

Do you mean that we should list all upnp devices and propose them as internet radios? At least in my case, I found 17 upnp devices although I have just 7 physical devices on my network (e.g. NAS, Kodi, Sonos, router, TV, etc.). And only one single device is a frontier silicon internet radio. So we should not present all potential devices to the user.

For a proper discovery, we must go one step further and try to connect to each device to see whether it is a potentially compatible device that implements the frontier silicon API. This could take quite a while, especially if some devices do not respond so we run into timeouts. Or maybe you have a better idea?

(Hans-Jörg Merk) #16

If all radio devices share (partly)a common description, this could be used for filtering.
From the screenshots above, all devices share “radio” in the UPnP ModelDescription tag.

(Patrick) #17

Agree, that would be nice, but this is not the case.

False. See 3rd post (HAMA IR110).

(Hans-Jörg Merk) #18

Ah, ok, I did not see this :frowning:

(Gravidi) #19


can you add the following devices? This devices used sync and unsync options for multiroom. is this item planed in this binding?

thanks a lot

(Henning F. Mettge) #20

Hey @paphko,

I only have a Mac and no clue how to get some upnp inspector (it seems there is nothing available in the last years).

So, which of the information is needed most? I have some Silvercest devices like @gravidigit (see above).

WLAN Box: ModelName SMRS 35A1
WLAN Soundbar: ModelName SMRB 40A1

Is that enough?


(Frank Rein) #21

My Roberts stream83i, which is currently not being accessed by the binding, produced the following data.

Description: ir-mmi-FS2026-0200-0305_Stream83i_V2.2.15.EX21499-V1.00
DeviceType: urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:MediaRenderer:1
FriendlyName: Stream 83i 002261aea81c
Manufacturer: Roberts Radio Limited
ModelName: Stream 83i
ModelNumber: Stream 83i
SerialNumber: 0b060a1124331f2701009e02ffff6dff
UDN: uuid:3dcc7100-f76c-11dd-87af-002261aea81c

Default pin is 1234

did not result in an error but only showed an blank page