Full example for a time based light control system

while browsing thru examples I find 100 solutions for simple light on/off panels maybe combined with a countdown time or similar. However I found nothing about a light control panel which control switching on/off times via time of the day, sunlight (+offset) as a complete set with items, rules and a panel??
Is this really an “exoctic” SmartHome application for OpenHab?

I can imagine a generic setup with cron based rules and the astro module but I would also have some nice widgets which controls the setting of the timer clocks?


So those kinds of functions are within all of the Velbus input modules.


All that openHAB needs to do is set the alarm times in the input devices or activate sunrise / sunset timed events.

Other hardware may require a different approach.

I’m sure what you’re asking for is all possible with openHAB rules.

I already got Hardware: a bunch of RF controlled power plugs, a Rapberry with a working RF 433Mhz transmitter, a shell script which sends out the on/off commands to the plugs…

Now this all should now be nicely assembled in an OpenHaB Panel. But I cannot even find a date/timer picker widget to fill some time/date OH items with values. I dont want 3 simple sliders for day, hour, minutes. For such a solution I dont need a “big” system like OH.

Scheduling is a sorely missing feature of openHAB.
This is the reason why there is so much cottage industry around the topic. There are a couple of rather nice scheduling tools about. One for basicUI the other for HABPanel.
I am on my phone and can’t get the links right now


When you get 5 minutes, can you point me in the direction of the scheduler for HabPanel please?

Here you are


That looks promising. Thanks!

Well after a more deeper look I think this is way over the top and much to complicated for my simple idea of some RF sockets with light bulbs which should be controlled by a clock. Apparently OpenHAB is not designed for this (same as ioBroker btw…)
Also the load of the OH java engine is quiet strong on my old Raspberry 2. I will rather write a small web interface myself with a Python scripts and the system crontab. Probably faster :wink:

Thanks for the help anyway. Might come back to OH when I have more Smarthome devices which are worth the effort.

You can look this solution. I have wrote this for a enviroment as you describe.

So you have a integration in openHAB and a cool UI.

It’s also possible to control more then one lamp in one widget. Then you must use a proxy item and a additional rule to evalute the state of this proxy item.

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Thanks, much more simple example and and a very good documentation!