Fuse a Map frame to an svg floorplan

Raspberry 3 B+ with openhabian and habpanel. (OH 2.5 M4)

I have created my floorplan and would like to show an openstreetmap frame in the upper left corner.

Is this even possible?
If so, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

No one with a hint into the right direction?


This is just a pure guess, as no-one else has come up with anything.

You can put whole images into SVG layouts (I’ve done it with GIFs to add some animation) and you can show / hide them with ng-show tags.)


What if you imported an image using a URL to test.

Then see if it’s possible to bind that URL to an openHAB2 Item.

After that I guess you can call the image URLs from openstreetmap?

(A rule might refresh the image URL?)

Is that any use to you?

Alternatively, is it worth digging into the code of this HabPanel widget to see it uses some kind of SVG format that you could “borrow” ?

Thanks, Stuart.
So you mean, instead of putting the openstreetmap widget into the svg floorplan, I should do it the other way around?
I will think about this option!