Garbage Collection

Hi @Fabian1,
I am also using this widget (@DrRSatzteil thanks for this one :slight_smile:).

As @DrRSatzteil already stated, you need the Items holding the dates for the different garbage types. E.g. the dates can be fed by the iCalendar binding.

In my instance I fetch the garbage dates from our local garbace collection company via an ics link and the iCalendar binding:

The Channels of the iCalendar Things are linked to various Items used in the widget:

(list not complete)

These Item names you have to add to the configuration of the widget. Maybe this is a bit different if you are not familiar with widgets using “widget expressions” instead of simply providing an item selector.

In my case this looks then like:

='Nächste Abholung: ' + ((dayjs(items.MuellkalenderEintragsfilter_Result_0_Begin.state).diff(dayjs().startOf("day"), "days")) == 0 ? "Heute" : (dayjs(items.MuellkalenderEintragsfilter_Result_0_Begin.state).diff(dayjs().startOf("day"), "days")) == 1 ? "Morgen" : "In " + (dayjs(items.MuellkalenderEintragsfilter_Result_0_Begin.state).diff(dayjs().startOf("day"), "days")) + " Tagen")

Date Items


In the end this looks like:


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Thanks for that great widget!

What colours are available in this? Our compost bin is brown, but if I’d put in brown it’ll come out as red?

As far as I know you can use any of the f7 colour themes:

Unfortunately there aren’t too many options there.

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For anyone who don’t want to handle this, via CalDav and intern calendar. I started a platform to fetch garbage information and provide a simple API: mü (German only currently) Feedback is welcome, and I can add more providers, if someone need a special provider.

Thanks for sharing, looks interesting. However my address is not covered yet. The local provider is

That’s awesome, I will have to check later if Berlin BSR and Berlin Alba are already on it.

Added Bonn a few seconds ago. Have fun.

Great, thanks! :blush: