Gardena Smart System

My fresh test install of openhabian confirms your guess. It was working fine there. So it’s gotta be something with gson. How do I uninstall/reinstall The gson lib?
I don’t want to do a complete fresh install of openhabian because influx db, 433mhz and so on are all installed on top so I guess that would be a lot of work…

You can try to delete the tmp and cache folder in userdata. Maybe this will help.

Can’t you start the bundle 196?

Not sure if it’s okay to enter this thread:

since this morning I gort problems wirth the gardena Binding:

The Account stays offline due to:

Status: OFFLINE - COMMUNICATION_ERROR org.eclipse.jetty.client.HttpResponseException: HTTP protocol violation: Authentication challenge without WWW-Authenticate header

I tried to

  • stop/start the binding
  • uninstall/install the binding
  • delete the thing and add again

always the same

but gardena is working via the app and also by curl commands everything is fine, i can get the token and the device values and so on, but the account stays offline ?

any hints are welcome

this version is installed:

openhab> bundle:list -s | grep gardena
246 │ Active │ 80 │ │ org.openhab.binding.gardena

Problem solved by deleting Thing via HABmin and create a completely new one.

A little bit late, but we just have a sileno for a week now…
So here are the available channels:

// Gardena Smart Sileno Mäher
Number    Gardena_Sileno_City_Battery           "Batterie [%d %%]"         <battery> 
Number    Gardena_Sileno_City__Signal_Strength  "Signalstärke [%.2f]"     <qualityofservice>
String    Gardena_Sileno_City__Status           "Status [%s]"              <lawnmower>
DateTime  Gardena_Sileno_City_NextStart         "nächster Start [%1$ta, %1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY %1$tH:%1$tM]"   <calendar> 
Switch    Gardena_Sileno_City_Park_and_Pause    "Parken und Pausieren [%s]" <switch>     ["Switchable"]  
Switch    Gardena_Sileno_City_Park              "Parken [%s]"               <switch>     ["Switchable"]  
Switch    Gardena_Sileno_City_Manual_Start      "Manueller Start [%s]"      <switch>     ["Switchable"]  
Switch    Gardena_Sileno_City_Return_Schedule   "Zeitplan fortsetzen [%s]"  <switch>     ["Switchable"]  
Number    Gardena_Sileno_City_Duration          "Maehdauer [%d min]"        <time> 
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Thanks. Last month I bought a Robomow, a better choice for me. No openHAB integration, but you cant have it all :slight_smile: Robomow is working on their online platform MyRobomow, so this can be solution in the future.

Can I use the status somehow in rules?
I would like to send notifications when no normal status is active (error, manually started,…).
I tried a log output like

rule "Rasenmäher Fehler"
  Item Gardena_Sileno_City__Status changed 
 logInfo("Maehlanie", String::format("%s - %s changed to %s",, triggeringItem.label, triggeringItem.state.toString))

I only get states like
paused, ok_cutting, parked_timer
but not the real text strings like
Pausiert, Mähen, Geparkt nach Zeitplan

How do I get those real string?

see german translation

Thanks, Gerhard, I already looked at the code and saw the german translation.
What I am missing might not be Gardena-binding related:
I would like to get the actual german status text (as it is output on the sitemap) from the status item (to output it in the log or in a notification).
Gardena_Sileno_City__Status.state.toString only outputs the strings like paused, ok_cutting, parked_timer.
Is there any other possibility than using a map transformation?

I don’t know any, you have to use the transform

my smart city sileno is always shown as “offline”… however it is reporting the status and everything works via openhab. its just wrongly shown as offline.

other stuff (smart plug) does correctly show as online

is this known?

I get values from this binding only once … after reboot for example … after that nothing, no updates or changing values …

197 │ Active │ 80 │ 2.3.1 │ Gson
256 │ Active │ 80 │ │ Gardena Binding

The mover is in Status “Illgegal status INITIALIZIING; only may set UNKNPWN, ONLINE, OFFLINE or REMOVED” …

(2x Gardena Sensor, 1x Water Control Switch, 1x Sileno City 500)

Edit 04.09.2018:
I installed the latest updates yesterday and did a reboot.
Now I get the updated values. The Mover ist status green, but no values up to now.

A new update by Gardena seems to have broken this binding. I just want to direct your attention to a thread describing a temporary solution.

even with newest binding I get

2019-03-14 22:21:09.285 [WARN ] [internal.handler.GardenaThingHandler] - Channel 'gardena:mower:ac4fc18a:6874e12d-cea1-4d74-bd15-541f85efa933:mower#timestamp_next_start' cannot be updated as device does not contain property 'mower:timestamp_next_start'

2019-03-14 22:21:09.304 [WARN ] [internal.handler.GardenaThingHandler] - Channel 'gardena:mower:ac4fc18a:6874e12d-cea1-4d74-bd15-541f85efa933:mower_stats#cutting_time' cannot be updated as device does not contain property 'mower_stats:cutting_time'

2019-03-14 22:21:09.308 [WARN ] [internal.handler.GardenaThingHandler] - Channel 'gardena:mower:ac4fc18a:6874e12d-cea1-4d74-bd15-541f85efa933:mower_stats#charging_cycles' cannot be updated as device does not contain property 'mower_stats:charging_cycles'

2019-03-14 22:21:09.314 [WARN ] [internal.handler.GardenaThingHandler] - Channel 'gardena:mower:ac4fc18a:6874e12d-cea1-4d74-bd15-541f85efa933:mower_stats#collisions' cannot be updated as device does not contain property 'mower_stats:collisions'

2019-03-14 22:21:09.320 [WARN ] [internal.handler.GardenaThingHandler] - Channel 'gardena:mower:ac4fc18a:6874e12d-cea1-4d74-bd15-541f85efa933:mower_stats#running_time' cannot be updated as device does not contain property 'mower_stats:running_time'

Are those parameters no longer delivered by Gardena?

Could you solve the issue?

I had to delete all Gardena things and also the hub (I think with putting again login information). You might try this.

May I ask two questions.
First, do someone has a sample for map trnsformation setup?

Second, is it possible for the commands which can be sent to mower to do somthing like this:
String VacCommand “Send Command” { channel = “neato:vacuumcleaner:XYZ:command” }

This can be used for this widget:

I am not ware about a rule or similar which defines the commands so maybe they are in neato binding?

But it is very similar to our mower tasks


No ideas how to realize this command buttons?

I have implemented the Gardena-Binding successfully to control a Gardena mower
But I encounter a behavior which I am curious why.
If I start the mower manually within the Gardena app, I get asked for the duration.
If I start the mower manually with the binding in openHAB, the mower starts cutting but exactly for 3 minutes (the mower#duration_property is set to 180).
And even if I start a rule which set the mower#duration_property first and then mower#start_override_timer, this is not changed.
The analysis document mentioned above, states inside the code for POST request:

# 3 Tage mähen
    "name": "start_override_timer",
    "parameters": {
        "duration": 4320

which contains the duration as a parameter.
How can I set this in the binding?

Same problem here. The mower is just mowing for 3 minutes when using the start_override_timer channel.

I have some news. I made a setpoit for the item duration_property in the sitemap config and set a new value over the ui. Then you need to wait for the next refresh of the gardena binding ( refresh interval in bridge configuration is default 60sec => see thing config). After the refresh of the gardena binding the new duration is set.