GDPR Compliance and NEW WEBSITE!

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Dear community,

I assume you have received a similarly large amount of privacy policy updates in your inbox today as I have…

Well, here is one more: I am happy to say that we also have undergone huge efforts (special kudos to @MHerbst!) to make sure that we not only respect the privacy of our community (which always has been a major focus of openHAB anyway), but to also comply to all regulations that come with GDPR. You can find all details about this on our Privacy Policy, which is effective by today.

What you might have noticed already is, that we didn’t only want to deal with boring legal stuff, so we went straight away and designed a fully new website (kudos this time to @ysc) , which combines the main project website with the documentation website and the blog, which has been on the foundation’s website before. So please go and check out the result of these effort at

Best regards,


Very good!
The documentation part in particular is much better than before. Good job!

One minor (or major?) remark about the Google Assistant part of the new docs.
As the target audience of this integration would be likely not interested in setting up their own cloud functions, I see useless and misleading to put every instruction there.
Many people are now adopting OH2 because it has native GH/Alexa integration, but they would like to have the simplest setup just to reach the goal.
Plus this is asymmetric to the Alexa part, which goes right to the point with just the instructions to have it working… My 2cents…


this section:

is freaking AWESOME !

bravo @ysc :slight_smile:

retweeting now :stuck_out_tongue:


Realy nice update! The documentation/binding part is much better.
Small remark: eg for the Kodi binding, I saw that the docs are for the upcoming v2.3. When I select an older version I go back to the old layout.

Thanks :blush: But to be honest, the forums’ API did all the groundwork on this one. I’ll prepare a blog post explaining some of the cool tech behind the website in the upcoming days.


Absolutely right, this is temporary content as @MARZIMA wasn’t yet able to finish “end user docs” on that part - but that will come in a few days for sure!

Right, as on the docs website before, the pages always show the latest version of the pages, i.e. the one of the current snapshot. This is some technical limitation and we plan to at least add some note on pages for add-ons that aren’t in any official release yet. But with 2.3 coming out pretty soon, the gap between release + latest will shrink immensely :sunglasses:.


I completly agree. Though I need to get some pictures in the DP postings. Anyone want to design a DP logo. :wink:


Much faster too!

@ysc rocks!

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I like the documentation.
I do have one additional improvement on the bidings page (maybe it’s there, then the request is to make it more visible)

I can now select
Featured or All
I would love to also select (or deselect) 1.x and 2.x bindings.

and (no idea how) a mix of both aka don’t show me v1 and V2 of the same binding, yet show me a bindings 1 if there is only 1, and 2 in all other cases

Yes, I’d like that as well - we call those “legacy add-ons” (a 1.x add-on where there is a 2.x version already) and I’d also say that those should be hidden by default and only really shown if people insist on it :wink: .

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Yes, I had this on my mind too actually. Will think about it!

It’s looking fantastic! And it’s works so well! Thank you for all your efforts @ysc ! :slight_smile:

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Ohhhhh Nice!
But @ysc and @Kai, I have some things to add to the Google Assistabt Docu. Ist the link to the github still correct or where should I shoot the changes?
Maybe you can PM me, thanks!

Great Job! Cool website…!

Wow - so much exciting news in openHAB world! New website is absolutely amazing @ysc !! Very nicely done, flows great, graphically pleasing and promotes openHAB so well! And now, we’ve got OH 2.3 coming out in a few days - so glad to be a part of this community!

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Maybe it would be worth to drop google completely with something which honor do not track settings sent by browser (google doesn’t) such piwik/matomo. Google shifts all responsibility to its users so there is very little it offers from legal stand point. Beside gathering your visitors data and tracking their behavior it is still permitted to process, store and profile your visitor data because it calls itself a “data processor”.

From my reading about legal implications on GDPR it comes that cookies shouldn’t be set on computer unless user confirms he accepts them. A standard “got it” banner doesn’t work any longer a consent is required.

Yes, Matomo is something I’d also like to look into. Do you happen to know if they offer their hosted version for not-for-profits for free? Would be much easier than having it to host outselves…

I agree with you but that would mean that we need an additional infrastructure with a web server running PHP (and all the implications coming with PHP). So it’s not so easy.

From my reading about legal implications on GDPR it comes that cookies shouldn’t be set on computer unless user confirms he accepts them.

I read this too, but currently, this banner is acceptable (even the german “Ministery of the Interior” only informs about the usage with an OK button).
The EU is working o a new EPrivacy regulation where the use of cookies will then also be newly regulated.

The documentation no longer has its own subdomain. Are the old links permanantly redirected to the new ones (301?).

This will retain google page rank (!) but also keep working links from the community to the docs.

The new website looks really great, but there are three small thing that make IMO a bad first impression:

  1. When opening the website the nav bar is white for a second and then changes to orange. Is this intended?
  2. The iPhone shown in the background is pretty old. Maybe use an iPhone X there.
  3. The rule in the background is called “Dimmed Light”. For a newbie this looks like you need to write such a big rule for dimming lights. Maybe use something shorter and more impressiv like sending a notification when the wasching machine is done.
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The new website is a joy to look at! :star_struck:
It’s also a lot easier to navigate between blog, docs and community with the header links.

There is a small issue with the image ( in the Community forums footer which results in a 404 Not Found: