GDPR Compliance and NEW WEBSITE!

Today I found some interesting code for the GA integration that respects the DNT settings and uses GA without cookies (everything is stored in the session storage):

  var dnt = (navigator.doNotTrack || window.doNotTrack || navigator.msDoNotTrack);
  var doNotTrack = (dnt == "1" || dnt == "yes");
  if (!doNotTrack) {||function(){(ga.q=ga.q||[]).push(arguments)};ga.l=+new Date;
    if (window.sessionStorage) {
      var GA_SESSION_STORAGE_KEY = 'ga:clientId';
      ga('create', 'UA-xxxx-x', {
        'storage': 'none',
        'clientId': sessionStorage.getItem(GA_SESSION_STORAGE_KEY)
       ga(function(tracker) {
        sessionStorage.setItem(GA_SESSION_STORAGE_KEY, tracker.get('clientId'));
    ga('set', 'anonymizeIp', true);
    ga('send', 'pageview');
<script async="" src="//"></script>

This code is generated by Hugo for GA integration. I will test it now on my own website.

@ysc, @kai What do you think?

@ysc I think I found another todo

If you put a link to the new docs in the community forum, it does not yet show a nice card, but only the plain text link.

Not so easy, it would require the site to support oEmbed or writing a plugin for

Interesting. Currently it simply uses VuePress’ built-in support (with the anonymizeIp option on top), using custom code instead is probably possible though - or proposing the option in a PR to VuePress itself.

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OK, I thought that we have full control about the GA integration. The code seems to work really good. I have tested it today and it really works without any cookies.

Done & done!

Legacy bindings also show a warning banner on the page:

They don’t appear in the side navigation, only in the search page when “show legacy add-ons” is checked:

You can also search for them: they will have a “(1.x)” suffix.


calling all designers out there: Plz come up with a cool Logo for the Design Patterns of @rlkoshak so they pop up nicely on

The current images are not so… great :lollipop: lol

06fb4fbd6581cc4412bb048a1a13b1e7c7ce43ca_1_690x436 + image + image

I’m just playing around as I go through and update the DPs to reflect the changes added in 2.3. Now that we have I wanted the DPs that show up there to at least have something to distinguish them.

Though the “123” is specific to that DP. I call that approach the 1-2-3 Rule Structure. The second one is probably too obtuse. The DP is about encoding data so there is a Morse Code paddle.

I thought I had removed the image from about DPs posting though.

I am rather happy with the Time of Day image though.

Of course I’m open to any improvements. Graphic Designer I am not. :smiley:


Out of curiosity, what is the criteria for how to articles showing in the showcase? Is it based on the some tag, like the HabPanel widgets?

I think it is based on number of likes.


I see that now - the articles I have >10 likes on show up, while the remainder doesn’t. Thanks!

It’s actually the same list as
(top topics in Tutorials & Examples of all time)
Not sure about the order though.

I see the new images for the design pattern topics have messed up the showcase list a little - it overflows to 4 columns. That’s because I cheated a little :slight_smile: will fix later.

By the way, in case you haven’t seen it:

I finallly finished it, for those interested:


Sorry about that. I was just trying to fit in with all the cool images the other posts had. I can remove them.

No worries and no need, I fixed it already.

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One question on new website. Can you fix the links in google?

For example if I google “tradfri binding openhab”

It shows the link to the old site?

Congratulations for the new website.
I really do like that the old documentation automatically notifies with a link to the new documentation page.

In case of the icons ( the link that points to the new documentation points to 404:

I think the correct link should be

The old docs have a better PageRank so they’re still presented first. This will get better over time as new pages are linked from elsewhere, but it’s probably going to stay that way for a while and until they are completely removed.
If you only want results from the new website add to the query

For instance


why not just use 301 redirects? so the ranking will stay the same and the users get a bit smoother experience?


This is also being discussed.

I think 301 could be a valid solution when all contents are moved/merged finally into the New process. (which still has to be developed for some parts)

For example there are currently some of the basic docs articles missing due to a structural change.
So there currently would be no article to redirect to.