Get newly Discovered Devices

I added two new devices to my Amazon configuration; it found them when I did a discover. How do I get the OH3 amazon binding to “rediscovery” (or something else) so that it can see the new devices? I did a reboot of the server but even the devices I had previously listed (but not added as things) are gone and nothing new displays.

Binding Information:

Source: openHAB Distribution
Provided By: openHAB
Version: 3.4.2
Type: binding
Content Type: Karaf Feature
Provisioned With: Karaf

No, how do I get openhab to “discovery” the new devices from the Amazon binding?

Go to Things, click the blue plus sign, click on the binding, click on “Scan” on top of the page.

WOW! I have been on that page a dozen times looking for my information and never noticed the “scan” button. It was hiding in plan sight! :crazy_face:

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