Getting item which triggered the rule

I have following code:

rule LowBat
	Item BatGarageTemp received update TRUE or
	Item BatLivingTemp received update TRUE or
	Item BatBedroomTemp received update TRUE or
	Item BatGuestTempBatGuestTemp received update TRUE or
	Item BatStudyTemp received update TRUE
	sendMail("", "Batterie Temperature Sensor Low", ">>>>>> Need name of sensor here <<<<<<<")

Is is possible to find out which switch triggered the rule, without going to the list.
or is there a better way to handle this trough a group and iterate somehow through the group.

You may want to read through the tutorials section, if you are using groups, there are tutorials to address your questions:

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This one is more comprehensive.


Great examples, thanks a lot.
I like this amazing community!