Getting openhab to work on iphone

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: I’m using an old laptop that I formatted and installed ubuntu server on to. intel Core i5 -5200U/ 4gb ram/ 1tb hard drive
    • OS: Ubuntu Server 20.04.4
    • Java Runtime Environment: I have installed java I just have no clue which version
    • openHAB version: openhab 3
  • Issue of the topic: Getting openhab to work on iphone

Hi all,

So I’m extremely new to openhab AND Linux, I’ve tried my best to google and figure things out on my own but I’m now hitting against some blocks that I just can not figure out and tutorials aren’t getting me very far. I thought I would ask out load the questions and maybe people can help me with my specific problems or at least point me to tutorials I haven’t found yet.

A little background. I decided to jump into Linux last December because I saw what a friend of mine was doing and I wanted to give it a go. So I formated my laptop that I wasn’t using anymore and installed Ubuntu server determin to do everything via the terminal :triumph:. So far on my lap top I’ve got plex, a wireless print server and Openhab running and they seem to be working fine so far. I’m very new to Linux, I have some programming knowledge from when I was in Uni but I’m basically learning from scratch as I go and have no experience with Linux prior to the last few months. I picked openhab because of the active community and the amount of binding and integrations that are possible. I’ve got a lot of devices around the house that I’d like to connect so I’m figuring things out as I go.

Okay so on to the first problem, I am trying to access the openhab overview UI via the iphone app but it keeps giving me a can not find sitemap error. I have now created a sitemap but again its blank and I have no idea how to populate it.

I own an android phone but my wife owns a iphone so this is mainly for her… And its a must if we are to continue to use openhab. Any suggestions or help would be really appriciated. If you need me to send screenshots or code let me know.

first you need to have sitemap (if you are talking about basicUI sitemap)
then you need to find out url of your openhab eg. http://openhabserver:port/basicui/app?sitemap=home

then for iphone you have two options

  1. use iPhone OH app and in the setting put IP:port
  2. use your Safari to point to the sitemap address and save it as desktop shortcut
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I’ve created a sitemap but its empty and I don’t know what do with it from here. When I click on the sitemap on the page settings, it asks to add widgets to it but it doesn’t allow me to design a page like the basicUI does. Can I add pages that I’ve already designed to that sitemap if so how?

so do I just add my IP and port number to the local server URL section? If so I’ve already done that and it just shows the empty site map. I’ve also used http instead of https.

Thanks for this suggestions… Tried it out but it says no sitemap has been created.

I tried editing the code to point to a page and it says the user doesn’t have permission. And in the page settings I’ve already added all the available users (administrators and users only) to the “Visible to” setting.

maybe this can help you how to create sitemap file

or this if you wanna use overview

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The official tutorials are not great for complete beginners, it expect you to know a certain amount about OH. I wish there was a proper video tutorial showing HOW TO GO THROUGH the official tutorials. I’ve gone through both and I can’t seem to figure out whats going wrong.

How do I get the URL to the overview page?

I use Android but can try to help.
Do you use the openhab app and you get this?

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yup I have exactly that… My andoird app shows the same thing but I can at least click on openhab 3 UI in the menu. That option doesn’t come up on the iphone version.

and I’m using the same login details for both.

Please post your created sitemap.
Actually, MainUI is not available on iOS App, but should be back soon. This is mentioned in many post here…

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Here is the code of the site map I’ve created.

Thanks for the info on MainUI. So I could just wait till it becomes available?

I do not have any sitemaps as I remember and I use only OH3 UI in the app.
There is option to set the OH3 UI as dafault in the app and I use that, but I don’t know if it works on iPhone

That same thing works for my android phone. But the OH3 UI doesn’t come up at all for my wife’s iPhone unfortunately. I’m thinking it could be a settings issue, or I need to configure my sitemap correctly.

This was already answered by me. Actually MainUI is not working with iOS app!

yup seems like MainUI hasn’t been working for iOS since 2020. :confused:

The sitemap configuration documentation is rather limited for beginners such as my self. I still don’t know how to create a .sitemap file or how to save it and what I should do next after creating the file. Even after reading the documentation.

The MainUI no longer works for older IOS. OpenHAB3.1 worked on my iPhone6. OpenHAB3.2 “loads” on the iPhone6 but is blank. This is the case regardless of browser type. I have no problems with the MainUI on more modern iPhones and iPads.

I know how you feel Harryguns and I have no clue how to help you. I think I have a fairly involved setup now, but it came about out of sheer determination and trial and error. The docs are written in context with the old OpenHAB that did not have a browser interface. So for example I have no clue as to what this “sitefile” is even though I have dived into to the configuration text files a few times to figure out what was what, but not to look for that file. As far as I have seen, you do not need to know what a sitefile is at this point. Using a web browser I see the OpenHAB interface at the 8080 port on the old laptop computer set up with linux sort of like yours. At the screen bottom is a shield icon that puts me into admin mode. In admin mode is where you have setup options, like to build what the interface looks like. The thing is, unless you have items to see, there is little to build upon at a beginner level. Understanding, or thinking you understand, things, items, channels etc. is difficult because the browser interface is circular. Being circular it is difficult to figure out any object and object property hierarchy. It took me weeks to make simple steps. Good luck is all I can say. The stuff does work and it can look impressive once you have something working.

MainUI might not be available in the app, but you can still access it through the browser, right? Then you can add that page to your home screen and use that instead of the “real” app.