Good temperature sensor for openHAB

Hi everyone
I am new in openHAB, for my home and garden I would buy same temeprature, and temperature+humidity sensor to monitor the temperature in my house outside and inside

do you have any suggestions on which one to buy?
which models work goods with openhab?

Lots of hints and suggestions here.
Search function will also answer most of your questions.

Mostly depends on how you want the communication to go about.
If Wi-Fi or zigbee, etc.

I use xiaomi right now. The aqara ones are better though. You also have them from sonoff and ikea and lidl. All zigbee.
If you want Wi-Fi you have sonoff with temperature probes, I believe Shelly also has some.

I havent zigbee hub
I would sensor wifi
Only sonoff and shally exist ?

Sonoff has several temperature probes which you can stick anywhere you want and then they connect to the sonoff device itself.
Shelly has pretty much the same thing.

I would invite you to google for the terms:
Sonoff temperature probe
Shelly temperature probe

Those terms in google got me straight here:

Edit: ah you might also consider the do it yourself route. You could buy an wemos d1 mini, flash tasmota on it, buy the temperature probes separately, solder them, and use mqtt to communicate with openHAB.
Totally forgot that option, sorry.

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Then you will at some stage need to get a decent wifi access point and good router otherwise you may/will hit issues with 30+ wifi devices. When this happens you need to spend more money on the wifi, or you can choose to simply buy some cheap zigbee devices and a hub now to keep the traffic off your wifi.

The Zigbee sensors from Sonoff work well for me and are very cheap and after 12 months still have not needed a battery change once. For devices that are fully Zigbee complient they need to be designed to last 2 years between battery changes I believe. The USD$8.49 price includes the battery so compare that to a Shelly and it is 1/4 of the price which adds up quickly when placing them into multiple rooms. There is a learning curve to get a Zigbee mesh setup and good coverage in the house, but for the price saving I would recommend you look at it to see if it is right for you.

SONOFF SNZB-02 - ZigBee Temperature and Humidity Sensor $8.49

Shelly H&T sensors (wifi humidity and temp) work just fine for indoors. EXCEPT their battery life is not so good. I have mine set to only update when a threshold humidity is reached to trigger bathroom exhaust fans and they still only last about 3 months between battery changes.

You can buy a usb power adapter for them for a fairly low cost though.

For indoor temperature I use NodOn STPH-2-1-05 Enocean sensors. They are incredibly expensive (> 50 EUR), but they work super reliable and don’t need batteries as they have a solar element producing the power. I installed them more than a year ago and never had any issues with them. The trade-off beside of the price is that you need an Enocean USB controller, too.