Goodwe solar binding? or how to receive data from webportal

Hi ,

is there anybody who can help me with hooking up my goodwe solar inverter to openhab . i noticed there isn’t any binding for this . or is there another binding or way to receive the data from my inverter.

kind regards.

Does the inverter connect to the web?
How does the inverter reports it’s data, Ebus, KNX, Serial, Ethernet, Wifi, 433Mhz RF, Fairy dust?
What protocol is used for transmission of data? HTTP, MQTT, Inverted Manchester, Russian?

Does the manufacturer provide this kind of information?
Or does one has to use hack tools like wireshark to figure it all out?

the inverter connects trough wifi to the web. online i can monitor my device via the with username and password. i am new to the openhab community so is fairy dust a real thing :rofl:

Does the semsportal provide an API?

Can you find the IP of your inverter in your router? I believe most “chinese” inverters have an integrated webserver. I have Hosola inverters, and use the http binding to scrape the webpage running on the inverters themselves.

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I am interesting in following this and have a request to do something similar.

I have a solar inverter that have an internal webserver where i can login but also an API link which is

http://(local IP address)/api/realTimeData.htm where it shows the following data


Found an article on home assistant where they describe the data stream

How is it possible to get this information added into a binding and show the data in openhab.

Future needs for this is of course some rules to measure that the solar is producing good power and to start the washing machine while the power from the solar is good.

Help is needed to build a binding or getting the data into openhab, thanks.


Interesting ping me tomorrow

Do you know how to connect or use an existing binding to get the data ?

To get the data from the API you can use the HTTP binding, which you can use directly in an item or in a rule.
Then you have to parse the data into values which you can place in one ore more items.
This kind of data is called JSON, and OpenHAB has a transformation called JSONPath that can parse exactly this kind of data.

I’m a little short of time to create an example, but using these keywords and google you should be able to get it working.

Quick example:

From the HASS website:

Live datastream
1: PV1 Current
2: PV2 Current
3: PV1 Voltage
4: PV2 Voltage
5: Grid Current
6: Grid Voltage
7: Grid Power
8: Inner Temp
9: Solar Today
10: Solar Total
11: Feed In Power
12: PV1 Power
13: PV2 Power
14: Battery Voltage
15: Battery Current
16: Battery Power
17: Battery Temp
18: ???
19: Battery Capacity
20: Solar Total 2

42: Energy to Grid
43: Energy from Grid

51: Grid Frequency

54: EPS Voltage
55: EPS Current
56: EPS VA
57: EPS Frequency

63: ???
68: ???
69: Status
rule "get data from inverter"
    Time cron "1 0/5 * ? * * *" //Every 5 minutes
    val String result = sendHttpGetRequest("http://(local IP address)/api/realTimeData.htm", 5000) // Retreives full JSON
    val SolarToday = transform("JSONPATH", "$.Data[8]", result) //Extract Battery Capacity
    logInfo("TEST", SolarToday)

Now, you only have 44 values in the “Data” compared to what the HASS website say, so you’ll have to make sense of the values (Note the SolarToday is the 9th value so the json is $.Data[8] because we start from 0)

i have found some similar info like poulraevdal on a home assistant website for scraping the sems portal webpage. i don’t know how to implement or do al this stuff. if someone can explain some basics to me would be nice.

found some extra info , if there are developers who can make a binding for this. i think this info comes in handy.


I just found out that Sems now have an API!

I’m new to OpenHab so i’ll need to set all up, but as soon as i have that i’ll try to connect this api with OpenHab, which should be pretty easy right?



I was wondering if you allready have the API connected to openhab. I AM too new to openhab and want to connect my goodwe Solar in openhab.


Is there any development in getting the Hosola converter connected through a OH binding?


Hi Erik,

I now have my Goodwe Solar Inverter up and running and didn’t find any solution here or elsewhere.

It took me some time, but in the end the solution is pretty simple. Here, my documentation:

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Hey Marco,

I have Hosola inverters, I use a rule and the HTTP Action and some string splitting to get the data from the webpage the inverter hosts.
This is the rule I use:

    rule "ParseRawHosola"
            	Time cron "0 0/1 * * * ?"
            		try {
            			//Only do something if the inverter is online
            			if(HosolaOnline.state == ON) {
            				var rawString = sendHttpGetRequest("http://username:password@inverteripaddress/js/status.js")	
    				var String[] splitted = rawString.split(",")
    				//commented out the values in the raw string that I don't use
    				//var String serialNumber = splitted.get(0).substring(1)
    				//var String firmwareMain = splitted.get(1)
    				//var String firmwareSlave = splitted.get(2)
    				//var String model = splitted.get(3)
    				//var Number ratedPower = new Double(splitted.get(4))
    				var Number currentPower = new Double(splitted.get(5))
    				var Number yieldToday = new Double(splitted.get(6))
    				yieldToday = (yieldToday / 100)
    				var Number totalYield = new Double(splitted.get(7))
    				totalYield = (totalYield / 10)
    				//logInfo("Hosola", "Current power: "+currentPower)
    				//logInfo("Hosola", "Yield today: "+yieldToday)
    				//logInfo("Hosola", "Total yield: "+totalYield)
    				postUpdate(Power_Hosola, currentPower)
    				postUpdate(Energy_TodayHosola, yieldToday)
    				postUpdate(Energy_Hosola, totalYield)
    		catch(Throwable t) {
    		 //do nothing, the inverters do not respond when there is no sun

The default username and password for the inverts is admin admin btw.

Thanks, this looks good. I like the idea of a simple plug-in to get the solar panel data into Domoticz.


  1. Will this plug-in also work with: omnik5000tl2
  2. Is the data collected from the web-portal or directly, locally, from the Omnik device itself?

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Hi Roger,

I am back with OpenHab (i went for a time with domoticz) and i am trying to use your script for getting data form goodwe semsportal but when i run the script to see if i get anything back i get an error that i am missing something, can you help me?

my output (error) is:

“hasError”: false,
“code”: 100003,
“msg”: “missing parameter.”,
“data”: null,
“components”: {
“para”: null,
“langVer”: 61,
“timeSpan”: 0,
“api”: “