Google Assistant and structure hint

Hi all,

i am moving away from alexa toward google, because Amazons service is not longer reliable.

Usining the MainUI ist is easy to add the google metadata. A new key is the structure hint and i assume this is something like ceiling for a ceiling light. But didn’t get that to work. Has someone some working examples with spoken commands. Prefferd in german.


I’ve not used hints but according to the docs it’s a way to give Google additional information about what room the device is in.

I don’t have German examples but in English:

“Turn on all the lights”
“Lumos” (a Harry Potter easter egg, turns on all the lights)
“Nox” (turns off the lights
“turn off the lights in the family room” (here is where the hint comes in)

@rlkoshak You are taling about the room hints. They are working perfectly. Just enter the room and the device assigned to the room in the Google Home App.

My question was about the structure hint.

Unfortunately that is not documented

I don’t have that option. Are you on a 3.1 snapshot?

I would imagine it would be the name of the “building” where the device is located. Google Home has the concept of allowing one account to control more than one home and I believe it uses the term “structure”. So that would be a way to tell GA this light is in the kitchen in the summer home and that other light is in the winter home. GA can then use the location of the speaker and understand that when you say “turn off the lights in the kitchen” it knows which kitchen you are likely to be talking about.

Yes i use the 3.1 nightlies.

Your interpretation sounds good. Structure was for me more like ceiling or window. So that “Switch on the lights at the ceiling in the kitchen” could be a command.

With your interpretation i have two options:

1.) Ignore the structure hint

2.) Buy another hourse to use the structure hints

Hmmm well see…

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