Naming of structureHint

Sort of related to this: Google Assistant and structure hint


  • OH 3.2.0 release, set up and working.

  • Items are tagged with ga=… metadata, and the items are showing up in the Google Assistant. Example:

    Switch Z_Office_socket “Office Light” (Upstairs_Lights, smgOffice) [ “Lightbulb” ] { channel = “zwave:device:controller:node18:switch_binary”, alexa=“Switchable”, ga=“Light” [ structureHint=“HomeHome”, roomHint=“Office” ]}

This metadata shows up in the UI.

The question is, how do I name the structures? In Google, I have two “Homes”, which are called “HomeHome” and “VacationHome”. Devices that don’t go through OpenHab (Roku, etc), are allocated into rooms in one of those two homes.

For the devices discovered through the Openhab connection to Google, they all show up in a “Linked To You” section in Assistant, with the comment, “75 devices not in a home”. These are all the lights, sensors, etc., and they function as expected… but the structureHint doesn’t seem to be being used. Is it possible that the needed ‘structureHint’ is some sort of GUID, or needs some sort of formatting, or ??? I can move them manually to a home, but re-syncing devices causes them to revert back.

Anyone have this working?

I never used the structure hint before but I do know that you can move the devices into a structure and room in the Home app on your Android device.

Thanks for the response, Rich.

Yup, moving them manually works… until the next device sync, and then everything reverts. Not fun when there are ~75 devices to move back… again. Was hoping that there was something I was doing wrong (perhaps improperly representing what google things the structure name is?) that would mean I don’t need to keep moving them back manually.

I’ve never had them move back. But I’ve had my Items set up with OH for years so something may have changed in the mean time.

You might try creating the metadata through the UI and looking at the code tab to see if anything stands out as different.

It seems that Google removed the support that attribute. At least it is not mentioned anymore in the docs.


Well it is still mentioned in the REST API docs…