Google Home - Actions (API) now available!

(Kuba Wolanin) #484

@aart can confirm, same thing happened to me. Hopefully it’ll get sorted soon :wink:

Still, a great news! openHAB is finally directly accessible from Google Home app!

@MARZIMA huge thank you for your work and dedication! :slight_smile:

(luma) #485

Let’s wait for official annoucement :grinning:

(Steven Barthen) #486

But getting an “warning”(?) after sign in:
“The application requested access to unknown scope”

(Mark Williamson) #487

Just tried it, says it was unable to work with ‘unknown scope’

(Florian) #488

“The application requested access to unknown scope.” :slight_smile:

The demo version was working though and I didn’t change a thing…

(Mark Williamson) #489

Three cheers for Mehmet!
Thanks for all of your hard work.

(RockClimber) #490

Same here!
Anybody an idea what this error means?

Nevertheless, thank you very much Mehmet!

(Dave W) #491

Firstly, thanks and well done on getting OpenHab into Google!

I’m still confused though - will this integration ultimately work with a self-hosted environment, or will it be mandatory to be on MyOpenHab ??


(Steven Barthen) #492

from what I figured out, every service that integrates into Google Home requires some "web service"
As there is no real “offline api” for google home so you can build your own “web service” as mentioned here already or use myopenhub

… correct me if I’m wrong ^^;

(Ronny Terhuerne) #493

The direct integration you now see in the settings of your assistant on the
phone can only be through myopenhab. It’s mandatory for one to publish
officially licensed stuff. It’s just the way Google wants it to be.

As for the not working part of the newly released link, I found, that the
server of myopenhab seems to be down in that department.

If you try to go to settings>Apps on the site, you get a server error.
No wonder linking doesn’t work.

Who’s in charge of managing myopenhab?
Time to rise and shine!

(Mehmet Arziman) #494

Please wait…we are figuring out one last issue. Came from nowhere…
I will make the official announcement soon.

(Dave W) #495

Thanks for the clarification.

Cheers, Dave

(dalibor) #496

(I feel now like my little boy when he finds out that his favorite toy is arriving shortly :slight_smile: dancing around the house, preparing everything for big velcome, reading all there is to read about it…)

(Mehmet Arziman) #497

Hello @all,

unfortunately I got sick today and feel very bad.
I found the problem with the scope and contacted Google.
I will try my best to remote fix it, but please be 1-2 more days patient…just in case I wont get better.

I will write an official announcement as soon it is fixed, so you wont need to wait here.

Please wait with using the official Action until the GO.

Thanks & BR

(Kyle Borreson) #498

No worries, get healthy. We’ve waited this long, what’s another day or two.
Thanks for all your hard work.

(Greg) #499

Sorry to hear you are feeling sick Mehmet ;-(

Great you have found the problem and although we all hate waiting another day or so isnt too bad.

This does however raise a question regarding ownership/control of this “official” Google Home integration with Openhab.
What happens if you become unavailable long term or permanently for whatever terrible reason?
Are you the only “authorized contact” for this to Google? or is there a secondary/backup authorized contact like @Kai enabled if needed?

(Flole) #500

That’s bad news. I’m a little curious on how this exactly works: Do you have to submit every change you want to make to Google, wait for review and they push it to production? Or can you do modifications once it is published without waiting for approvement?

(Kai Kreuzer) #501

No worries, we are handling all those accounts through the openHAB Foundation, so there will always be a possibility for others to take over.

(Paul Smyth) #502

Mehmet, we’ve waited this long, a couple more days is not the end of the
world. Take a couple of days off and chill out. I agree with Greg’s point
though, you really need someone else to back you up on this. As this grows
and increases in use, the support questions are only going to increase.

(Mark Lavercombe) #503

Sorry to hear that, Mehmet.
I hope you recover soon.