Google Home - smarthome and openhab cannot be connected

With alexa I was able to connect via hue emolation and also with the openHAB skill to my openhab and control it via voice control. At google home I just discovered the “skill” openhab in the google home app under smarthome control. If I want to add this I was first redirected to the myopenhab page, I needed to log in and allow google. That works well and after I was redirected back to the google home app and there I see a connection attempt. But then comes the message: “The settings could not be updated, please check your connection”.

Does someone know this problem?

You probably have the tags incorrectly applied, or you have tags other than Lighting or Switchable added to your items (the action as released doesn’t handle unknown tags, it stops all of them from working - a future release will fix that).

Follow my how-to video for proper connection and syncing your items - Google Home & openHAB connection How-To

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Thanks @bartus,

The problem was some old entrys for Alexa. I have deleted all

[ "CurrentTemperature" ]

and I am happy everything works now.