Google Map Location Sharing

Hello i am new here and looking for some information, i am currently using home assistant and looking to change over to openhab. On my current setup i have home assistant setup to turn lights off when people leave the house and notifications when we arrive home etc which i use google location sharing to get the locations of phones, i tried looking to see if this is something i can do on openhab, i did it using google sharing as we all have android phones and it saved setting up and adding more software to all the phones. I did see information reguarding a openhab app that does tracking (which i would consider if its not possible to do using google map sharing) dont know if this is true. The main reason i am looking to move over here is i saw a youtube video showing this off and liked the look of it and after looking into it more its possible to use on windows (which is a big bonus for me), Thanks all.

I know lots of people here use OwnTracks for this sort of thing. I don’t know if there are people using Google for this. I was under the impression that Google had closed down their Maps API some time ago, at least for free use. If HA is using it though I must have been mistaken.

Yea it’s a unofficial api I think: I did try own tracks but hardly ever updated locations etc (on home assistant) happy to take a look if someone has a good guide or uses it and would help.

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If you are using Android phones have you thought about leveraging Tasker and sending REST commands to the OH cloud that would sync the command to your on prem OH system?

I posted a tutorial with screenshots on how to accomplish this, and you would have tasker configured to take action based on WiFi changes.

For anyone interested in this, I’ve gotten Google Locations working on OH. More here: