Google TTS on OH3

Hello i was using google tts on oh 2

My brain cant figure out how to configure it in OH3. And cant find new docs on howto

Is a new authentication method used? Auth2?

I also had some problems but got it working yesterday.

Where exactly are you in the process?
I had to create a new Client ID for Desktop applications on the Google console. Then I was able to get the Auth token via URL and the new Client ID and Secret.

Let me know where you’re stuck and I can help you!

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im not really sure where in google cloud to create new client id, ive really just navigated it once before

Remember to configure the OAuth consent screen with information about your application.

CONFIGURE CONSENT SCREEN thing this is stopping me, what am i supposed to do with this?

EDIT* Holey moly I got it working, but yeah. We need a good writeup on this from start to end.

Was lucky I guess

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