GPSTracker Binding Error 500

I haven’t changed any config but since yesterday afternoon I am now getting HTTP error 500. I am routing messages through myopenhab instead of direct.

Example config:

UID: gpstracker:tracker:1
label: GPS_J
thingTypeUID: gpstracker:tracker
  trackerId: "1"
  - id: distanceSystem
    channelTypeUID: gpstracker:regionDistance
    label: System Distance
    description: Distance from region
      regionCenterLocation: 50.8,-0.5
      regionRadius: 300
      accuracyThreshold: 0
      regionName: System
  - id: GPSJonathan_HomeDistance
    channelTypeUID: gpstracker:regionDistance
    label: GPSJonathan_HomeDistance
    description: null
      regionCenterLocation: 50.8,-0.5
      regionRadius: 300
      accuracyThreshold: 0
      regionName: Home

The Error I am getting:

2023-01-06 11:20:58.796 E MessageProcessorEndpointHttp: java.lang.Exception: HTTP request failed. Status: 500
	at$sendAvailableMessages$0(Unknown Source:2)
	at$r8$lambda$bVYaIhYhXtJCzBaSxWOGtcUu6f8(Unknown Source:0)
	at$$ Source:4)
	at android.os.Handler.handleCallback(
	at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
	at android.os.Looper.loop(

2023-01-06 11:20:58.798 E MessageProcessor: Message delivery failed. queueLength: 37, messageId: 1673001850667-cd32e2
2023-01-06 11:20:58.799 W MessageProcessor: Error sending message. Re-queueing
2023-01-06 11:20:58.803 I MessageProcessor: Waiting for 120 s before retrying

I have not updated openhab in some time:
GPS Tracker 3.3.0
Openhab 3.3.0

To try and resolve the issue I have rebooted my Openhab.

Oddly it has started working now.

Hmmm I’m getting the same as of 2 days ago. Nothing obvious in the log files. Anyone else?

Ah - just realised it was all of the cloud instance that had gone offline. Restarted the openHAB cloud connection and all is well again.

Openhab cloud has also been giving me trouble with the GPS tracker for the last month.
I found this:
How to automatically restart cloud connector after an unexpected disconnection - Tutorials & Examples / Solutions - openHAB Community
And in the meantime I have no problems