Grafana Dashboard in Sitemap


I have an issue with the display of Grafana dashboards in my sitemap. As the render function with Grafana on the pi is not working anymore I use webview.
In the Android App of Openhab it is working fine. In iOS / Chrome / Edge the dashboards are not shown, I get there just a symbol that something is missing or a message that the content can not by displayed.

Is the solution inside Grafana or is it somewhere else?

Thanks for any tips!


So, I am not the only one.

It works on my phone, local and VPN connection, with the app but not with basic UI on my laptop at home. I just get a large grey page with ‘connection refused’ message in the middle of it. Scroll down to see it :wink:

I am not sure if its connected but I recently upgraded from OH 2.4 RPi3 to OH 2.5 RPi4. Influx and Grafana were reinstalled at the same time but I reloaded backups of the dashboards.

Hi Mark,
thats sound like an issue i had in the habpanel when integrating a grafana panel.

Would you mind sharing your sitemap? I would like to try it myself in the same way you did it.



This is how I render a grafana chart on my sitemap:

Image refresh=60000 url=""

Grafana is running on a windows server.

on a windows machine rendering an image is not an issue. On a pi there is currently only a workaround possible, but I failed to install it. That´s why I use webview


I had the same problem with webview from grafana charts in browsers.
For me works additional setting in grafana.ini:


Ah I forgot where were that was set. I looked all through Grafana settings but not the ini. allow_embedding=true fixed it for me. For openhabian and the install of Influx&Grafana from the config tool then maybe that should be enabled automatically during the install

Hello there,
i have an issue with Grafana Graphs in the openHAB APP (on iPhone).

All graphs are perfectly fine displayed in my sitemap, but when opening with the APP, they won’t display at all (in the same local NET):
Anyone with the same problem around?

Nope, works fine on my iPhone.
I´m using the “old” Grafana rendering methode. Maybe thats why it works.

OK … so what’s the magic behind the “old” methode :thinking:

Nothing, except I Grafana for windows and an older version. As far as I understand, newer versions of Grafana no longer support he phantomjs to do rendering.