Grafana graphs in BasicUI via Browser

Good morning Comunity,

I am playing arround with InfluxDB and Grafana and I am exited about the possibilities in Grafana. It works perfectly in the openhab app for Android but I have a problem with displaying it in BasicUI over a browser (firefox, Internetexpolorer and Chrome).

I use the following code for the sitemap:

Frame {
Webview height=12 url="http://openhab:3000/d-solo/OdD8lZmRz/cpu-temperatur?orgId=1&refresh=10s&from=now-14d&to=now&panelId=2&theme=light"
Webview height=12 url="http://openhab:3000/d/7X0bOmZgk/speicherkapazitat?tab=visualization&edit&orgId=1&from=now-6h&to=now&theme=light"

The following Error is shown in Chrome:

and this one in the Internet Explorer:

Does somebody know what to do?

Thanks a lot and best regards

Try cleaning your browsers cache.

Try to set allow_embedding = true in the grafana.ini

Btw here is a solution for displaying as Webview element


sorry for the late reply but I did not had the time yet.

This parameter was already set :neutral_face:

If there is no other solution I had to try the html thing.

Thank you!