Grafana not showing in HABpanel - error in dev console

(Crispin) #1


I have HABpanel working well on the RPi.
I have Grafana installed and working well in a freenas jail.

Both work well without any problems. However, when trying to show grafana in HABpanel frame I get errors in the console.

The panel keeps refrshing but ultimately stays blank.



(Crispin) #2

no one? :frowning_face:

Does anyone run Grafana separate to their OH RPi?


(martijn) #3

I do :grinning:

I added a frame in habpanel and inserted this url:

had to tweak the config of grafana to disable the logon for these panels.

(Crispin) #4

Nudda. Yours is the same as mine…
I’ve got to no avail.

I can open that exact url in incognito browser and it’s fine.

Really frustrating me. No cool graphs :frowning:

(martijn) #5

make sure the url is working in a frame. you can test it with a html file.
As this works, so does habpanel.

  <frame src="">

(Yannick Schaus) #6

Did you try this (first google search result):

(Crispin) #7

yup, tried all those :frowning:

In the frame I get the same thing - it flickers, sometimes it manages to render the title before reload.
I’ve tried this with and without cookies and in chrome, FF, Edge and IE. :slight_smile:

None of them work.