Graylog instead of frontail

Did anyone sucessfully setup (mostly docker)
“graylog” instead of frontail for OpenHab4 ?

(Docker working OOTB)

This has long been on my list of things to add to my home lab so I spent a few hours setting it up.

For OH 3+, once you have GrayLog set up you can use the following in your log4j2.xml file.

Create the following Socket appender.

                <!-- Gelf appender -->
                <!-- -->

                <Socket name="GRAYLOG" host="" port="12201" protocol="tcp" immediateFail="true">
                        <GelfLayout host="argus" compressionType="OFF" includeNullDelimiter="true" includeStacktrace="true">
                                <!-- <KeyValuePair key="additionalField1" value="constant value"/>
                                     <KeyValuePair key="additionalField2" value="${ctx:key}"/> -->

Then add GRAYLOG to each logger you want to forward to GrayLog. For example:

                <!-- Karaf Shell logger -->
                <Logger level="OFF" name="">
                        <AppenderRef ref="STDOUT"/>
                        <AppenderRef ref="GRAYLOG"/>

See the URL in the comment above for a UDP config.