Is there any way to control a group of RGBW bulbs similar to Group:Switch? Currently I do this by creating a separate extra color Item and a rule.

I also tried to set the group as a Colorpicker item in a sitemap. That does turn on and off the bulbs, but can’t change the color.

Ok, turns out this was easier than I thought and that Group:Color does exist, just not noted in the docs.

In the Items file

Group:Color:OR(ON, OFF) BS_Zone1    "Basement Zone 1" 	<colorwheel> 	(gBS)

Color	BS_Light_Zone_1_Light_1	"Basement Light 1"		<colorwheel>	(BS_Zone1, Lights, gdashboard)	["iss:room:Basement", "iss:type:DevRGBLight"]  { channel="osramlightify:rgbw:F0-D1-B8-00-00-00-EB-47:color"}
Color	BS_Light_Zone_1_Light_2	"Basement Light 2"		<colorwheel>	(BS_Zone1, Lights, gdashboard)	["iss:room:Basement", "iss:type:DevRGBLight"]  { channel="osramlightify:rgbw:F0-D1-B8-00-00-00-DC-38:color"}
Color	BS_Light_Zone_1_Light_3	"Basement Light 3"		<colorwheel>	(BS_Zone1, Lights, gdashboard)	["iss:room:Basement", "iss:type:DevRGBLight"]  { channel="osramlightify:rgbw:F0-D1-B8-00-00-00-EA-A9:color"}
Color	BS_Light_Zone_1_Light_4	"Basement Light 4"		<colorwheel>	(BS_Zone1, Lights, gdashboard)	["iss:room:Basement", "iss:type:DevRGBLight"]  { channel="osramlightify:rgbw:F0-D1-B8-00-00-00-ED-50:color"}

And site map

Colorpicker	item=BS_Zone1

Hey, sadly noone replied.
I have the same Problem, did you already found an answer?

I tried the similar then and posted a comment here ;