Growatt Solar Inverter Binding [4.0.0;4.2.0)


This binding supports the integration of Growatt solar inverters.

It depends on the independent Grott proxy server application. This intercepts the logging data that the Growatt inverter data logger normally sends directly to the Growatt cloud server. It sends the original (encoded) data onwards to the cloud server (so the cloud server will not notice anything different), and it also sends a (decoded) copy to OpenHAB.

Latest News

  • The binding has now been adopted into openHAB main distribution. So it will be part of OH v4.2 MILESTONE and SNAPSHOT builds from now on.
  • The JAR on the link below will NOT be regularly updated. For latest versions use the one in the openHAB main distribution.


Version 1.0

  • Initial release
  • Added rule actions to setup battery charging programs