Guide: How to Install openHAB under Armbian

If anyone wants to install openHAB under Armbian with any of the many devices it supports, you can use the script below if the device has 2gb of ram or more.

It will install not only Zulu Java 17 64bit and openHAB 4, but also get your samba shares, mosquito and frontail all setup and working in around 15 minutes. It needs to be run on a clean Armbian image, but it’s working well here on an odroid c2 and now also tested on an Odroid N2+

Don’t run armbian-config, instead do this:

sudo bash ./

The nano line is to view and change any options. If you want to use the defaults and not edit, you will need to create a user called ‘openhabian’ during the initial setup steps when you first log into Armbian. The user and hostname are examples of what you can change if you edit the file.

Default links are:

openhab:8080 = openhab
openhab:9001 = frontail
\\openhab\ = samba shares


Those are not part of openHAB installation.
They ARE options usually available on openHABian though.

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