Hab panel Popup

  • Platform information:

    • RP3 +
    • Habian
  • I’m currently trying to setup a RP3+ with Touchscreen as a main panel at my doorway, running a cut down version of raspbian in Kiosk mode with chromium and a hab panel, I also have a home security system with a Arduino ethermega pushing MQTT. When someone enters the property and the system is armed, I can push a MQTT packet from the Mega to the HAB.
    My question is; How do I force the Habpanels mounted at the entrance ways to display a Home Security Widget for a predetermined amount of time, before the alarm goes off?


Have you seen the option in the habpanel “panel settings” (web interface) that enables the HabPanel UI to jump to a dashboard that matches the name of the content of string item?