Habmin not working ((

Dear All
I can’t make habmin to normal working. I have OH 1.8.3. Habmin 0.1.4 (add on 1.7.0) Windows version
When I copy habmin binding to addons:
1 After every restart of OH I have a problem with initialization of Items from RRD4 (restoreOnstartup). A lot of my Items have a rule on change of state. So every restart of OH all lights and other things turn on - it is nightmare. (without HABmin everything fine)
2 On HABmin I can’t find where to set up ZWave devices. I have clean screen when pressing on any binding in the list.
I don’t see any changes in logs of OH.
Pleace help.

HABmin is basically end-of-life. Chris is no longer working on it and it hasn’t been changed in over two years. It seems likely there has been a change to the zwave binding that is no longer compatible with HABmin.

You can address your change of state rules firing by changing the polling periods in openhab.cfg. Make the rules entry longer than the rest and long enough for persistence to finish loading before rules start loading.

Thank you for answer!
I cant change poll interval, because my smarthome is with central control of light on modbus. So, if polling is not on maximum I have a delay when turn on/off the light.
Also my main problem is - I need a tool to configure Zwave devices. I already use 5 of them, I add them, but cant change configuration of zwave device (Aeon multisensor 6).
I already install openhab 2.0, but have the same problem - HABmin interface not working (no text in menu, clean).

With OH 2 you need to install HABmin 2 using PaperUI (under Add Ons in the UIs tab).

You need to set up and configure the bindings based on the readmes: (see this for zwave).

You might find the Beginner’s Tutorial and the Migration Tutorial useful.

To change the settings of a zwave device in HABmin2:

One everything is installed and your zwave Things have been discovered, in HABmin2 you go to Configuration -> Things. Select the Thing corresponding with the device you want to configure. Then select Configuration Parameters.

I made a fresh OH 2 with demo configuration. Add Habmin as you said and all bindings I need. But in Chrome i see only Loading… and nothing else. In IE - is on picture attached. I try 2 different computers - same thing.

I configured my zwave network in Paper UI, but in settings of multisensor 6 Save button is not active, so I cant save settings I need. (( But it is some progress.

Not sure if it is related, but maybe because of the system locale.

I just try to move everything to new windows 7 and it works now. But still cant change configuration - see pending and parameter really not change. I will do more tests, but I still cant understand why Habmin dont work on my windows 2012 server (( Where I should look?

So, on my windows 7 notebook everything works good. But the same OH directory didnt work on windows 2012 Server.
This server is just for open hab, and dont have any other programs to have conflict. Localisation is the same, so it should not be a problem. The only differense - on windows 7 on start OH ask for modification in system registry and on Windows -2012 no. Please help to find a problem. I already try to change jre to jdk - but no effect.

I’ve no experience with running OH on Windows. I can’t help.

It is something about Server 2012. I use Windows, because it works with modbus several times faster and have less problems with com ports. I will change a platform to windows 7 if no solution for 1 month. HBmin 1.x and 2 both not working. OH - no problems.

Rich, thank you for this post… I’m new to OpenHAB (as of tonight) and the basic UI gets installed with OH2, but not HABmin 2 … seems like HABmin should be installed by default or at least a popup warning during install that it might be needed to admin some items.

HABmin is only needed to administer ZWave. And even then it is not required unless you are having problems or are using the test version that includes the security command class. For example, I use ZWave and have not needed HABmin yet.

I believe the ZWave readme mentions this. If not it should and an issue should be opened up.

Beyond that it is just an option. The default adminstration UI is PaperUI. And since it is only tired to one binding out of over 100 I’m not sure such a pop-up or warning or installing it by itself is warranted.

My habmin is also not working with browser stuck in “loading” and an error in browser saying:

Module 'ngHelpDialog' is not available! You either misspelled the module name or forgot to load it ...
Any help on this?

And paper ui seems pretty messed up in 2.4.0, can’t add things …