Habmin2 Rule designer


is the rule designer functional in habmin2 yet? i have experience with programming with app inventor, and your interface is very similar. i look forward to being able to use it.

Sorry - missed this one.

In OH1, yes, it was working fine. In OH2, there’s currently a bug where it’s not finding the item names, which means the rules don’t work. This was reported a few weeks back and I’ve only had a quick look at it so far but it’s not fixed.

The reason I’ve not done too much with this in OH2 is because the automation system is planned to change - there’s a lot of work going on with this at the moment and my plan was to rework this to use the new rule system rather than the existing one.

I’ll try and take a look at the current issue though as it would be good to have this working in OH2.

its cool, cant see all of them…what are the rules going to, just learning the old way!

There is a new definition that is defined in a more computer oriented way - I’ve not spent a lot of time looking at it yet, but it should be well suited to a block editor I think.

thats cool. i definitely like the block editor, much like mit app inventor

@chris Just fyi, the new rule engine is even already included in the distro as an experimental feature. You can enable it in the Paper UI Configuration->Services->Extension Mgmt and enable remote repo and experimental features. Afterwards, you can install it from Extensions->Misc.

i do have that installed, though havent really checked it out. @Kai, i have posted about tcp issues that im getting, cant get it to connect, and dont understand the logs with all the java references. any way you can take a look?

tcp is said to be stable with oh2 according to the addons page, but i cannot for the life of me get it to work

Sorry, I have never ever used the TCP binding myself… Afaik, @kgoderis is one of the experts there.

ok, ill invite him to the thread, thx.

nevermind, i invited him a week ago, just have never had a response. …

I have never run the tcp binding myself on oh2, so I can not comment on that. I have not maintained it either since a long time. If you post the logs I will have a look at it

all the logs are here: