HABpanel Layout | Please share yours!

I’m gathering necessary information which hopefully will allow HABpanels experience improvement. In order to do so - I have a request to the community: please share your HABpanel layout. I’m looking for patterns, and also to establish some hypothesis about panel usage. Think about sensitive data before sharing.

You can also find a survey that ask questions about your interaction with the platform: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QVSMDRH


No one wants to share the panel layout? :frowning:

I started working with OH in May 2018.

The bottom navigation of each screen shot is cut off - FYI.

Best, Jay

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Thanks you so much Jey for sharing! It’s super valuable.

@kamilkur you might want to check out this thread instead of creating another one:

@ysc thank you so much Yannick!