HABPanel: removing the scroll bar or ___

Created my first HABPanel, runs on a rPi3+ with an original 7" touch panel; very responsive, as in instant.

However, I am wondering:

  1. what I need to do to get rid of the scroll bar on the right
  2. where I can find either sizing information for these pads on the panel, or
  3. where is the source code stored and can it be edited (say here: no)
  4. are there others using this set-up (rPi) and what your thoughts are.

The first feedback I got from my wife:

  1. too busy
  2. screen too small
  3. pads too small

I reckon we tried to put too much on there. It is not the normal room, and the weather seems more important than anything else. :smiley:
What I will do, get rid of the top labels; increase the pads by 50%, increase font size; add the ‘unit’ to the ‘name’.

Done … :slight_smile:

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