HABPanel Screensaver

Screen Saver for HABPanel

Configurable options

  • Timeout
  • Option to choose between slideshow or navigating to a dashboard
  • Duration for switching to next dashboard
  • Choose which dashboards to rotate
  • What to do when screensaver stops
  • Which events to determine idle-ness
  • An option to explicitly start screen saver (button in header)

Testers Welcome
To test locally:

  1. Clone or download the zip from HERE
  2. Copy web folder
  3. Paste web folder to conf/html
  4. Access the site using http://YOUROPENHAB/static/web
  5. Report any issue




Error Checking


Friendly Help messages





Encouraging testers :slight_smile:

Copied that web folder into the html dir (OH v2.1.0 installed) so that the index.html is in
I can visit:

but I see no Screensaver “Enable” option under settings.
Any idea?

Is this dead ?
It was cool … :smiley:

After cloning the repository, make sure you switch to the [feature/dashboard-slideshow] branch before copying the web folder. Otherwise you won’t get the new screensaver option in the settings panel.

The project seems a bit dead indeed, but I tried it and it still works with openHAB 2.4.
There are some rough edges.
For example changing the timeout did not work until I stored my dashboards in openHAB and changing the timeout only seems to take effect after reloading the page.
But once the settings are done it works pretty fine.

Anyone got this working in OH 3?
Or is there an alternative to automatically rotate the panels?