Habpanel widget links to local resources dont work remotely


I am new to openHab2. I have been testing it and created panels on local machine, remote panels on myopenhab.org and remote panels via Dataplicity. Local and remote access works.

My question is whether a local dashboard with local links to resources, e.g. webcam streamer, local apps like chronograf dashboards etc, are intended to operate as local links when connecting via remote access. These local link references cant possibly work on a remote device, does not make sense to me.

However, using remote links to local resources in habpanel does work in a remote dashboard.

Can anyone advise on how local access to resources can be abstracted for remote access. What works on the local machine including file paths and local apps should remain local to the end point device when accessing it remotely.

Thanks in advance, let me know if this is unclear.

Regards, Haz

I would advise using a VPN connection so that you’re connected to your local network.

I use either the FritzBox MyFritz app, or a SSH session with forwarded port tunnels.

Trying to access high volume streams via the OH Cloud is theoretically possible, but frowned upon as the service / bandwidth has to be paid for by someone.

Thanks for your quick reply Stuart, that sounds like a good solution.
regards, Haz

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